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Ever Snow Returns With "OBLIVION"

Ever Snow returns with a brand new single release that weaves the threads of a dark and gothic-edged angelic vocal style with a brutal and heavy metal palette that lets you escape into another world altogether.

"Oblivion" truly lets this artist shine especially in terms of being able to create an atmosphere that boasts such a massively driving aesthetic and combine it with this flowing end alluring overture of melodic notes that incredibly managed to match and line up with this thrashing metal soundscape perfectly.

This track has a ton of crazy time signatures and changes that take you by storm and the way everything is woven and arranged is really quite brilliant because at first things seem a little scattered but then they come together as a whole and you begin to really feel a sense of empowerment that the song gives you.

In the middle of everything you get this great and deepening ambient bridge of sorts and it's got this almost rustic 18th-century tonality to it that feels almost like a sense of magic has come into play.

Throughout the track, you get this backbone of that same ambience that sort of floats around in the ether of the song throughout its course giving it that feature the entire time and it feels right.

This was so incredibly cinematic and impactful that you get these flashes of vivid and picturesque visions that really give that gothic element even more stability and presence.

This also adds a little bit of a sense of mystery to everything and I like that about the track along with the effect that it gives you in terms of feeling like you're escaping your own reality for a little bit.

This was incredibly cool and definitely feels like a well-orchestrated and lush single that was gracefully and eloquently able to combine these two sounds together to create something that is bountiful and makes you feel something.

The body of this work is very heavy and the percussion, drumming, and guitars are all so well done as they hit with a fierce tone.

I absolutely love songs that give you that visual element and cause these sort of scenes to pop up in your head throughout the song because you don't get that a lot and when you do it's sort of a precious thing and so when it's over, you feel like you just watched a really cool movie in a way.

The ability to take you away like that is a rarity and that goes for many genres so to come across it like this is really delightful.

This was absolutely beautiful in more ways than one and having heard previous releases from Ever Snow before, we're not surprised at how intense or massive this song came out.

This is an artist to definitely be keeping an eye on because we have a good feeling there's going to be more to come before the end of this year.

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