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Colleen Wild and the Haunted Deliver a Massive Alt-Rock Single With heart

A massive new single from Colleen Wild and the Haunted brings out a vast alternative rock approach and soundscape that really hits hard where it wants to but also bears a graceful and so full performance that has a way of delivering a thick and robust character that you end up letting wrap around you.

"Savior" has this wondrous cinematic backbone to it that lets everything feel incredibly anthemic especially at those massive choruses and the track packs quite a punch in terms of its edginess especially in the guitar tone.

One of the things I really love about this track is that you can actually hear the emotional drive that it was built from in the first place and that really shines through in the song and also gives it an additional drive in a way which is something that makes the whole thing feel that much more authentic.

The song has a sort of blend between an old-school and new-school approach in terms of the songwriting and the arrangement.

It does have its heavier sections with a little bit of trudging in an almost heavy metal sound but all in all it does have this sort of flow to it that's kind of smooth and I think that has a lot to do with how the vocals are performed.

She's got this soulful style, but it's got this little bit of attitude and intensity that makes it immense.

The textures between the way that she sings, and the heaviness of the song balance each other out insanely well and it makes the whole song create a sort of atmosphere that you end up falling right into.

This song has a little bit of a haunt to it, and it's got a little bit of ambience and its underbelly as well so you get that vastness soaking through and that's part of why the song can really engulf you and pull you away from your surroundings for a moment in time like an escape.

The energy on this song is electric and at times it gives you the vibe of a live performance as if some of this track was recorded live on the floor.

Now, I could be completely wrong about the whole live on the floor thing, however, listening to the song's energy is captured this well on record, and seeing them live must just be crazy.

This was a lush and full-bodied alternative rock banger that hit all the sweet spots and delivered with it this personality that you rarely get in music like this so there was a lot about this track that was completely refreshing.

Colleen's vocals layer so much beautiful melody on top of this song that a lot of the hooks end up floating around in your head for hours or even days after the song is over and the only way to satiate that is to listen to it again.

It's great to hear a heavy track that has the intensity and heart that this one does.

Definitely 100% check this song out when you can and don't be afraid to turn it nice and loud.

Remember where you heard it first.

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