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Coldswell Drops "Void Calls" Album And It Rocks

"Void Calls" is first full length LP released by Cleveland alternative rock bandColdswell.

Wavering between the lines of metal, hard rock, and emo rock, the album has been a long time in the waits for Coldswell.

Dropping several EP's and singles before, the "Void Calls" LP is a culmination of what they've built everything up to. Made up of slamming guitars and anthemic chorus lines, the LP offers up some pretty indelible songs appealing to alternative rock followers. While there are a cluster of singles lining the album, it's best listened to as a whole. It is out on vinyl on the bands website for those collectors and real music appreciators out there.

It looks like writing songs and dropping a steady catalog over the past 4 years have given Coldswell a well deserved name for themselves. Grab a copy of Void Calls on their site or take a gander on Spotify, Bandcamp, or AppleMusic.

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