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Chris Sloan Releases the Sunset Road EP

Chris Sloan returns with an EP that hits with a beautiful and impactful tone and breeds a unique brand of honesty that tells detailed stories and with those you get a glimpse of who the artist is as a person which is exactly what true art is partly all about.

We're no strangers to Chris and his releases so having listened to this EP after waiting for it to be released is completely satiating and felt amazingly in-depth as each song feels like it's served as a chapter for his life.

The thing about Chris's releases is that they're not always very straightforward and there's a little bit of room for interpretation but they're always powerful and have a beautiful emotion attached to them all that helped the record come to fruition.

Each song has something a little bit different and shows a little bit of a different side to the Artist as a person and as a songwriter, but the record is packed to the brim with passionate vocals and these growing levels of intensity that you can feel in your bones.

These songs manage to sound personal and one-on-one but also have huge soundscapes to orchestral undertone and this is from all the gorgeous instrumentation that is incorporated throughout the record's playthrough.

What grabs you is the vocal performance on a lot of these songs. They are filled with harmonies and this vulnerability that lets you know everything is real.

I think it takes a lot to be able to give off such an open and freeing level of authenticity and honesty but it's also something that hits me in a certain way simply because artists like Chris are able to articulate inner thoughts and emotion into words in music.

To me, this seems like a complete impossibility. From my perspective, it seems like a long and winding road being able to try and express certain kinds of emotion or thoughts but, artists like Chris, in a way, do it for us.

The record is six songs strong which includes a brilliant cover song, and that track is placed right in the center of the release but before you get there you get lush stories and such detail that you can picture things as they happen as he describes them.

Along with the vocals being passionate and intense at times, the guitar performances throughout the record are stellar and speak such volumes for Chris as an artist and a performer.

There is heavy Americana and southern soul influence in everything that he does and when you listen to the full ep you get a clear picture of where he is coming from, what he has been through, and some of the things that inspire and influence him to write music in the first place.

The record has ways of giving such deepening tonalities by adding layers of notes into songs and making things a little dark and edgy at times, a little sullen at others, but always real.

This is a record that you have to listen to from beginning to end all the way through because if you only listen to one or two songs, you're not getting the full spectrum of what the EP has to offer.

There's something graceful about this record and even the order of tracks is perfectly placed so you can connect with songs and feel from them.

Take a nice deep dive into this EP and let it wash you away.

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