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Chandra Delivers A Positive Pop-Rock Single

A new single from Chandra brings out a colorful and fun pop rock vibe complete with tons of character and a certain animated undertone that makes you want more and more of it the longer you listen.

"Smile (No Fox Gibbon)" is a humorous but honestly fun and very positive rock banger that feels good to listen to.

This is finally a song that spreads such a good message and I really like the way that they approach it because they don't take themselves too seriously and I think you need to be of that nature in order to deliver this message the way you are meant to.

This is a great song with a lot of catchy hooks that end up bouncing around in your brain for hours after the song is ended and you can clearly tell that this is completed by a band who has a pure love for their craft and when I say that I don't mean this their instruments, I mean the art of songwriting and putting something out there that makes sense and that hits the pocket.

This is an endlessly fun and completely danceable single that has a unique way of spreading love and we need a lot more of that in music these days because we just don't have enough of it.

This is indeed a pop-rock song but it does draw from certain classic rock influences as it adds slightly more edge and loads of color and persona.

I think that's one of the biggest things about this track. It's got tons of character just oozing out of its notes and this is the thing that delivers that fun and insatiable impact.

The only thing that beats the song itself is the music video that accompanies it because it does a great job of showcasing even more personality and presence as the band are dressed up in what looks like monkey and fox suits as they dance around, play their instruments, and just be completely silly about everything.

Again, being able to put a song like this out there means not taking the whole thing too seriously and these guys have that perfect dynamic balance between those elements.

There's also something to be said about the energy across the track because it feels almost like a live performance as the players seem like they're feeding off of each other's energy the entire time which is something that makes the song feel almost alive and breathing in a way.

This is a song you can get up and dance around your living room, sing along with your hands in the air, and share with your friends to spread positivity.

Give this track a listen and turn it up because the louder you turn it, the better it seems.

However, I must say the first time you listen to the track you should watch the video because it's one of the best ways to soak it in and get the full feel for what the song is about.

An awesome track from a band I'll be paying a lot of attention to from here on out.

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