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Bright Dance-Pop From To The Moon Sets The Mood

The latest from To The Moon gives off a killer pop vibe that blends into classic dance with colorful synths and driving sounds.

"Venetian Paradise" is a blissful and bright pop song that gives in inspirational feel that gives you the energy to push through just about anything.

This uplifting single has just the right synths and neon lit backdrops to touch on slight retro feels but keep things fresh and new.

Layered keys and synths drive the song and fill the atmosphere creating a different world for you to step into and it feels great.

This was danceable, fun, and has a great kick to it that leaves you in the best of moods.

It's a perfect song to wake up to and go from there as it will get you moving.

A great single from a great new up and coming artist, check out To The Moon.

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