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An Outstanding Single From Sophia Streams

A wonderful new release from Heather Choate Davis aka Sophia Streams, brings together a soulful and impactful set of vocals and instrumentation that have this great southern soul to them and feels incredibly genuine and authentic from beginning to end.

"Put That Gavel Down, Boy" is a stand-up single that features a fierce undertone and a fiery attitude that makes the song driving and passionate both performance wise, and lyrically.

Co-written by Hope Dunbar, the track features some outstanding guitar work that slides and twangs with a justice riddled theme and a character that helps shape the song along with those vocals.

The two brought on producer Alex Kyhn to finish the job and give the song it's final grit.

This track definitely has the ability to pick you up and put you in a different place and because of that you are paying attention to what's going on in the song to the point where you feel like you're involved somehow.

This aspect of it is amazing because Songs Like This even though it feels like it came from someplace real, which it probably did, work as a form of escapism in a way almost like a good book.

Of course, I'm speaking from the point of view of the listener, which is what I am, but when I listen to music, I do look at some of it as a form of escapism indeed.

This single just has such a way of telling a story that it feels driving to you as a person and you can connect with it no matter who you are. This is somehow relatable to almost everybody even though it comes from a particular point of view.

We can all understand it and we can all feel the fight and the attitude of it shines through.

This is the thing in particular with a single like this one, the performance is pretty much everything.

In other words, you can't have a song like this that's got so much sort of impactful inspiration and fight going on and have the performance full short.

A single like this one is not easy to pull off for just anybody but the group that Heather has put together to release this under the Sophia Streams project, pulls it off with a charm.

So, I look at Heather as not just a lyricist, but also a sort of director if you would. Yes, she is a major part of the songwriting process of course, but the way that this is put together and builds is very particularly done, and it feels like she was at the forefront of it.

So maybe this was a vision that she had in her head, and this is what it sounds like when it came to fruition.

I sure hope she's happy with it because it's pretty amazing and it really makes you think and pay attention.

It's an easy song to soak in, but it's fun to listen to it a few times just to get that feeling each time you do listen to it.

This was a very pleasurable song told from a great storyteller, songwriter and director of music.

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