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An Interview With Trickshooter Social Club

An upcoming EP release from Trickshooter Social Club brings an uproarious combination of southern-riddled country with an assortment of rock and funk that all managed to come together in a unique way to create an atmosphere that becomes so addictive that you don't want to leave once you're there.

The Truck Stop Dangerous EP is packed to the brim with a vivacious energy that gives the band such a soundscape that it feels like these songs were possibly recorded live on the floor because it seems like the players are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

Obviously, I could be very wrong about that aspect, but even if it wasn't recorded live in any way, that energy is so heavy and so infectious that it makes you want to see them live just because of the sheer fact that if that energy is that great on a recording then seeing them live must just be nuts.

And this band has that live feel to them because of their character.

These guys have this massive persona that just makes you want to dance and shout and have a good time because that's exactly what they're doing and they're doing it well.

Taking certain kinds of guitar tones and mixing them in with an almost honky tonk rhythm while blending in fiddles and violins to add that extra swing, is something I'm not sure I've even heard before.

But I'll tell you what, it feels awesome to blast this record loud.

These guys pull off such crazy stuff without a hitch and they do it with a certain charm which is possibly my favorite thing about it.

You can't get around that character that these guys deliver and the way that they deliver it.

This entire record was endlessly fun and a lot of it was incredibly danceable to the point where you have to get up and start moving.

This is what I mean when I say infectious.

It's not just a character, but it's the rhythms, the grooves, the way that they perform with that vibrancy.

It's all part of who they are as a band and the record really does an amazing job of portraying that presence.

You get some great heavier funk riffs in there, you get rock and roll, you get country music, you get just an earful of colorful music performed with soul and done by a group of people that have a pure love for their craft.

By the time you get a few songs in you start to understand that you can expect the unexpected and that is something that is a bit of a rarity, especially these days.

This release is a genre-bending soiree and the longer you listen, the better it gets.

It's been a little while since I've been able to sort of forget my surroundings for a moment in time because the music has sucked me in like this and it felt good.

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