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An Interview With Sami Ridge

Sami Ridge has a new single and it delivers a blissfully edgy alternative feel with a sultry and alluring vocal approach, crunching guitars and a hard rocking backbone from start to finish.

"Kali" boasts a deep rock groove with tons of swagger vocally and musically. The track is inventive and sounds like something you may have heard in the late 90's as that alt-rock sound is nailed.

The best part of this is her attitude and character on the track. Ridge performs with such a unique style and with such a passion and soul that it breathes added life into the already boisterous single.

Drums hit hard, guitars have a full fuzz tone and the whole song feels like it came from a scene in a film somewhere.

It's got energy and such a living, breathing feeling to it that it's hard to resist.

And you won't want to resist it. You'll welcome it with open arms if you're a fan of alternative music whatsoever.

Ridge comes in swinging as the new queen of the damned. A dark shadowy rock goddess to the likes of Julie Christmas or PJ Harvey.

A front woman that holds nothing back and lets it out the way she wants. This is part of what makes it so unique and so addictive honestly.

This single kills, and with its release we wanted to have a sit down with Sami Ridge to find out where this came from and what may be coming up next for her.

Here's what went down.

Buzzslayers: Okay so let's start things off with the "Kali". This song has a killer alternative rock edge to it and tons of soul. Where did this track come from?

At some point in 2017, songs just started “happening” for me, little bits of melody and chords here and there. I honestly feel I had no control over their creation, save for the lyrics and personal themes. Kali is a good example. Literally it’s about a great friend of mine, but fast became an anthem for “wild women.”

Buzzslayers: I'm certainly hearing some different rock styles mixed in on this one. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

I take inspiration from music with purpose, even if I see the need for writing songs about breakups and getting high. I love, (and probably worship) IDLES, I dig Pearl Jam’s “Ten”, and Patti Smith’s “People Have the Power.” All vehicles for change. But then there’s the element of gorgeous vocals like those of Beth Orton or Cat Power, and of course, my love of poetry.

Buzzslayers: How did this all start for you?

I’ve been fake performing/ forming bands (little brother on pots n pans, Elmo on guitar) since before clear memory, longing to make music all throughout adolescence and my 20’s. It really wasn’t until moving up the West coast that this desire was, well, answered. Things were in place, and things happened.

Buzzslayers: Do you do any live performances?

I’d die to perform. Pretty slow going of a prospect, the way my writing style is. I work closely with my partner, we hire a drummer, and the song is born but, no group collaborations. It’s such a goal, getting wild with an audience, but a little distant right now.

Buzzslayers: What kind of things inspire you to write?

Eventually I’d like my musical world to catch up with everyone else in terms of stalwart social justice; there’s obviously so much to fight for. But there are also very personal things of mine that still need to be shared. I aspire to both strength and honesty.

Buzzslayers: Can we expect any music videos coming from you next year?

God yes! I have a three-track planned for spring with a hoped-for accompanying video. The song deals with a pretty heavy social subject, so I’m very excited for a filmmakers take.

Buzzslayers: How do you write your songs? Is it lyrics first or guitar chords? How does it work for you?

I wish I could say I wrote them; I just “hear” them, I try explaining the whole song via shitty acapella to my old man, (the most amazing guitar player), and write words/feel out vocal styles. In a Room is different from Kali; that’s what they both wanted to be, and that’s just how the process goes.

Buzzslayers: What's next for you as an artist? Is there anything new in the works even now?

As an artist I keep constant rotation, providing vocals for friend's songs, my own writing, (poetry, short stories, screenplays), visual art, etc. But I’m definitely concerned with pushing out the songs in my heart-bank right now. There’s more.

Buzzslayers: Who are you listening to right now?

I’ve been digging into a few European acts (Just Mustard, Porridge Radio, CLT DRP, EERA), but staying constant with my fav, Tim Buckley. A kind’ve three way between poetry, soulful vibrato and abrasive expression.

Buzzslayers: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

Flogging myself for not doing a creative outlet looool. I’ve just signed on for a pretty wonderful relationship, so domestic stuffs on the criteria. Tending pets, building a love nest. Oh, and thrashing at shows together.

Buzzslayers: This song feels like a big undertaking. What kind of advice would you have for other up and coming bands out there?

The best advice one can receive is from themselves. It’s an intuitive medium- what feels, quietly, right to you. Befriend who you feel you should. Reject what you want. I’m band-less right now for the sole reason that my work is my spawn. They’re mine now, before they’re entrusted to anyone else.

Buzzslayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

Only how really touching your interest is. Even with catchy music and a digitally interconnected world, being noticed can be tough. It’s nice anytime someone who *could* resonate with me, does. I, love, you.



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