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An Interview With Giftshop

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Giftshop dropped a new single that really gives off a 90's pop rock vibe that touches on a punk undertone with melodic vocals and an insanely catchy hook that combines that pop-punk sound with a classic 70's vocal approach that makes everything come across with such a cool almost graceful style.

"Stylish Junkie" is brimming with pop overtones and vocal melodies that stick with you for days as the guitars rock out and it has this sheen to it that gives off that radio friendly sound.

The song has an honest lyrical style if you really pay attention, and the song has a way of grabbing you quickly.

This is a pop rock song for sure, but it crosses all these boundaries in a subtle way as it presents such a tasteful way of touching on all these different genres and the whole thing has a sort of edgy but smooth feel to it. Like contemporary pop punk.

This band surely has a love for their craft and there was loads of attention to detail here but it all still feels balanced and fun. It even has this cinematic feel to it.

One thing for sure is Giftshop knows how to write an infectious chorus.

"Stylish Junkie" is one of a string of singles released that will be a part of their upcoming full-length release for early next year so keep an eye and ear out for them.

With the release of such a catchy single, we wanted to touch base with Giftshop to find out where this one came from and what's up next for them.

Here's what went down.

Buzz Slayers: Let's kick things off with "Stylish Junkie". This single has such an edgy pop rock feel with a little retro underneath. Where did this track come from?

There was an actual Stylish Junkie hanging out on a street corner in Hell’s Kitchen

as we quickly drove by. We only caught a glimpse, but they were wonderfully

made up in heels and underwear over a fishnet bodysuit. Beautiful bald head

shining in the sun. They had a wand. They were seemingly high. They left an

indelible impression. Something fabulous yet maudlin. 

Buzz Slayers: So how did all of this start for you guys?

GIFTSHOP started as a quick one-time recording project collaboration with former members of The Hi-Scores (NYC) and the lead singer of BeeEater (Rochester, NY) Meghan Taylor. The chemistry was impossible to ignore and when the session ended Meghan looked around and said: “Ok, what’s next?” Flash forward 15 years to a lot of great accolades, EPs, and gigs. 

Buzz Slayers: What inspires you guys to write a song?

Stylish Junkies. Love. People who can’t stop looking at their phones and bump into you on the street. Jealousy. That jerk on the subway. Addiction. Obsession.

Buzz Slayers: This track has some great styles! Can you all give us some of your top musical influences?

We pull inspiration from our influences which run the gamut from Big 80’s to Punk and Metal to Yacht Rock. Also, we live in our time and keep it real by drawing from things we know about - life experiences. Stylish Junkie is an amalgamation of The Cars, David Bowie, Pat Benatar, and Depeche Mode but with a modern twist -- which also happen to be some our influences. Others include Missing Persons, Joan Jett, A Flock of Seagulls, The Waitresses, Billy Squier, and Iggy Pop.

Buzz Slayers: What are you all doing when you're NOT working on music? 

When we’re not doing music we like to have inter-band cook-offs a la Iron

Chef/Chopped. Loser has to buy the White Claw. Or we hang out on the roof of our

rehearsal space which has amazing City views.

Buzz Slayers: Who's in all your headphones right now?

We just did a shuffle of our playlists and American Darlings, The Carvels NYC,

Sweet Magma, and No Jersey popped up -- all local bands we play with and

support. Plus: Yma Sumac, Cocteau Twins, Mastodon, Tribe Called Quest, Elliot

Smith, Poco, Black Sabbath, John Denver, The Breeders, Ambrosia.

Buzz Slayers: Are you guys doing any live performances right now?

We’ve got a bunch of exciting live shows lined up: a wrestling match in a metal

bar in Brooklyn, a benefit for Ukraine at our favorite NYC tiki bar, and a return to

the venue we performed at right before all the pandemic stuff went down in


Buzz Slayers: This single feels like a big undertaking, is there any advice you'd give to other up and coming bands out there?

“Stylish Junkie” was made during the pandemic it was 100% remote as the band

was on lock down at home in the City or staying with family out of town. The

drums were done in Alabama, vocals and guitar recorded in Astoria, Queens and

bass recorded in Manhattan -- which probably gives the song its sense of urgency

of trying not to drown in isolation. So, our advice to up and comers, and extending

the water metaphor, would be to keep on making things as long as that’s what

floats your boat. 

Buzz Slayers: What can your fans expect from you guys in the near future?

We are in the studio working on new stuff for 2023 maybe sooner! Stylish Junkie

will be included in our new EP. Stay tuned. 

Buzz Slayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

We want to return the energy of our fans’ epic support - and we do that on the

stage. Come see us, and if ya can’t - then stream us - support indie music!!

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