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An Interview With Daniel And The Sparrows

A premier from Daniel and The Sparrows gives off a very personal and heartfelt approach with a warming set of tones and layers of acoustic instrumentation from guitar to piano and it all blends into something of a one-on-one feel that takes you along for a bit of an emotional ride.

The Eternity Like a Feather EP is packed full of waves of indie vibrations and swelling strings that keep you floating alongside the subtleties and open welcomeness of the sound.

The vocal performance on this record is perfect and done with a sweetness that comes in and out as the record plays.

There are surly elements of personal life showing on this release and it has a way of effecting you. Even if you don't want it to. It's like watching a movie with a scene that makes you cry every time, but you still watch it again because it's so good. You try not to cry, but it happens.

The EP is like a diary that lets you in on things that would otherwise be hard to write or talk about.

Known for releasing all kinds of 100% genuine material, Daniel and The Sparrows is a project that ever so slightly pushes that envelope and gives enough to hold onto each time.

The EP released today and with that, we wanted to have a chat with the artist to find out where this record actually did come from and what may be next.

Here's what happened.

BuzzSlayers: Let's kick things off with "Eternity Like a Feather". This song has such a beautiful feel and energy to it. Where did this song come from?

I wrote this song for a friend who was battling with cancer. She's young - in her 20's. Honestly, I wrote it as a way for me to deal with the grief I was watching and didn't intend to send it to her and her family. It was only when she was sent to hospice care did I muster up enough bravery to send it out. My wife also encouraged me to do so. On the 2nd of January, she passed away.

BuzzSlayers: Who would you say are some of your top musical influences?

I've been influenced by a whole lot of music - each only influencing me a little. I've loved the lyrical sensibilities of Bono and Sting, the feel of Coldplay, Seafret, Vance joy, and the musicality of the Oh Hellos, Matchbox 20, and the Eagles.

BuzzSlayers: What are you up to when you're not working on music?

I love hanging out with my kids and building things around the house. I'm really into nature too.

BuzzSlayers: You have a lot of releases under your belt and this single is such a great one. What sort of advice might you have for other artists trying to get heard?

Separate yourself from your success. I've not succeeded yet as an artist. But I still put out a whole lot of content because I love what I do, and the few who listen have a chance to be impacted. I'm not ashamed of who I am because my value is not tied to my success (or lack thereof). So KEEP WRITING!

BuzzSlayers: What do you think is up next for you as an artist?

I've been looking into sync licensing and have been writing a lot of material that is detached from my personal life. I love the experience! But I will keep writing and releasing songs close to my heart.

BuzzSlayers: Who is in your headphones right now?

To be honest, I've not been listening to a whole lot of music. It gets hard when all you do is music - to listen to music in your free time.

BuzzSlayers: What sort of things inspire you to write a song?

People, my faith, and my environment!

BuzzSlayers: Can we expect any music videos coming up?

Yes! Eternity like a Feather will have a music video coming out a week after the release.

BuzzSlayers: Are you doing live shows right now?

I did before Covid. But I've stopped since. I've loved my seclusion in the studio but may get back to it if the opportunity arises.

BuzzSlayers: Before we go, what would be something you'd like to express to your fan?

Thank you for your support! It's always so much more special to share the music I love to create with people I love. And if you're going through loss, may this song serve as comfort.

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