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An Interview And New Single Release with The Transits

A beautifully powerful and brutally honest new single release from The Transits has a very particular way of blending that classic early 2000s pop-punk aesthetic with a much broader and heavy-handed alternative power and they do this with a very unique and impactful approach that not only calls out to your younger self but lets you feel it the way you need to as an adult.

There's a lot about this song that makes you think of certain people in your life and at the same time, there's this undertone of a sort of wakeup call about how the world is in general, especially now.

The track is called "Fall Into Dark" and my take on it is that there's a message behind the song itself that implies the fact that anyone of us can get lost in different ways and there are times when we wish we had someone to help us or even to talk to you at times.

There's a lot of connective tissue between something that's very real and something that is somewhat of a fictional scenario.

It's about how we all know someone that needs our help for different reasons and how we can be there for them in their time of need or when they've fallen into darkness.

It's easy to fall into a darker place at times and to have those feelings overcome us and I think that a song like this is important because it helps us remember that a lot of us do have somebody.

Now having said all that, the track itself is killer.

Once again, these guys have this wonderful blend of edgy rock and pop feels that fade into each other and explode into a chorus that's memorable and just hits those sweet spots.

That alternative rock punch is right up in your face and the song is produced with this sort of elegant feel so that you can not only hear everything the way it should be heard, but you can feel that message behind the song as that top layer.

This is actually not a huge surprise for us because we've had the pleasure of hearing some previous singles from the band and they were so good that you sort of expect the next one to be on that level.

With this, not only are they on that level but I think they've outdone themselves and there's not much about these guys that doesn't separate them from the pack.

They write songs that let you feel like they know you and they do it in a way that feels like it should be on every major rock station in the country.

With this new single we wanted to have a talk with the guys to get a fresh perspective on their new release and how it came to be along with digging a little deeper into the band themselves.

Here's what went down.

Buzz Slayers: Welcome back guys! Let's talk about the new single "Fall Into Dark"! This one has a unique feel to it and with a vast tone and cinematic style! What is this track about?

Fall into dark grapples with the subject of hope and despair. You can be in the darkest of times, when you feel like all is lost, and yet there is still a glimmer of hope. Sometimes that glimmer can be an intuitive voice deep inside yourself, or it could come from someone who genuinely cares about you. The line “Break through the lies again, live in the light again” sums this one up perfectly.

Buzz Slayers: Are you guys planning a video for this track?

Yes, in fact we just completed it and the video will be released the same day as the song. All our videos are on our YouTube channel. We’ve shot quite a filmic video to support this song. The video follows a young couple trying to make an escape from their current life to literally the middle of nowhere. In the video they are driving in the dead of night with a Map to Nowhere.It’s quite beautiful.

Buzz Slayers: Do you guys write songs together in a live rehearsal setting or is there one of you that focuses on writing?

With the geographical issues with two of us in New Zealand and one of the guys in South Africa it makes writing and rehearsals live in a room together impossible. Ryan will usually come up the frame work and then we will all contribute our ideas, go back and worth on voice notes and WhatsApp. Eventually the songs will get to a point where we can start tracking our respective parts. We’re lucky to have such history together that being in the same room isn’t essential. From there Ryan in South Africa does all our production through to mastering.

Buzz Slayers: Did you guys keep working together through the pandemic?

W were not actually back together as a band during the pandemic but we were all keeping busy creatively as individuals. Either writing songs or creating some light hearted content just for a laugh during those tough times. We’re usually pretty busy with a range of creative outputs.

Buzz Slayers: Do you guys have other songs already written but not yet released?

Oh for sure! We have quite few almost ready to go. With our upcoming album due for release in November we’ve been busy getting everything ready. We’ve also just finished a short film / music video with premiers in October. We’re treating our 4th single more like a movie.

Buzz Slayers: What's your absolute favorite part about doing this?

Being creative and writing music with lifelong friends. It’s also pretty cool to have had two played in two very different eras. From the 90s with no internet and now 2023. Although we’re pretty savvy with content and technology we also incorporate some old school thinking. Like bringing back the lost art of album artwork and the power of visuals but in a digital space.

Buzz Slayers: A lot of your lyrics on these songs seem really up front and honest. Do they usually come from life experiences?

Absolutely! I think authenticity is a word thrown around a lot these days but we truly believe it’s important to speak from a place of experience in order for people to connect and relate, and also be conscious of not being over specific so that the listener can interpret the song as they wish. For us it’s really important for listeners to interpret the lyrics in their way.

Buzz Slayers: Thank you guys for this interview! If there is anything you want to add, please do!

Thanks for all the continued support. We look forward to sharing more music with you. To your readers – check out our social channels for more news and releases. Cheers!

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