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An Impactful Single And Video From The Dalmatians

A new single release form The Dalmatians brings on a heavy topic and faces it with an alternative rock undertone and honest and anthemic approach.

"Far Away Man" is a song for soldiers, and it beckons a personal point of view and the way the portray it is intense but heartfelt.

The song features distanced backing vocals that call out as the lyrics get descriptive and paint brutal pictures all in absolute truth.

People face these problems and situations. Our soldiers go and face it with a bravery few of us have.

Even with such a deepening and important subject matter the band manages to create a song that is incredibly memorable musically as well as lyrically.

The song has a classic alternative pop feel at times and breaks into a heavier sounding chorus and hooks to show the climax and intensity of it all. And it works like a charm.

You get some amazing and impactful sections, and everything has a very cinematic tone to it which only pushes the feel of the topic more.

The song has a message and paint quite a vivid picture with this single.

The song also comes with an accompanied music video that also bares an outstanding cinematic presence and showcases the songs impact even more.

The Dalmatians have an impressive and seasoned style of songwriting and the performances on most of their tracks are on that level.

Not everything is as moving as "Far Away Man" but again, that has to do with the subject matter as well.

It's relatable to people that know and understand what goes on in the world today and throughout history.

There are a good handful of gems from these guys and "Far Away Man" is just one example.

Take a dive into this one and do it watching the video, so you get the fullness of it.

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