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An Endlessly Fun Release from BobKat

Updated: Jun 20

A recent release from BobKat has a wonderful way of delivering incredibly deepening atmospheres that have their own separate vibe but somehow come together as a full EP at the same time and with each track you are able to soak in atmospheric and at times, colorful sounds while digging into different sets of grooves and instrumentation that make these songs robust.

The EP is dubbed The Dream, and it consists of six tracks each individualized and coded with a different set of influences and feels.

The record starts off with the track called "Good Cop, Bad Cop" and this one gives you an almost 70s TV show feel with horns and classic twangy rock guitars bringing on a funky undertone.

This is a great introduction to the record because it kind of sets you up for what's to come to a certain extent. I say this because there is still such a vast and eclectic set of songs to follow but you do get this crisp classic almost vintage aesthetic that sticks through the record, and this is something I love about it.

The next song is called "Novi Song" and for the most part consists of a clean acoustic guitar and saxophone which already has such a unique mix sound and texture-wise that the song has a very particular drive to it.

This is one of my favorite songs on the record simply because it feels like an improvisational jam between an acoustic guitar and a saxophone which is super fun and it's a 10-minute session, so it gets kind of weirdly cinematic, again, in an old-school way.

The next track in line is called "Black Velvet" and this keeps to that crisp and clean acoustic guitar sound but also includes some slide guitar action along with a female vocalist that adds a great Nuance to the song itself.

The record goes on like this and each song gives you this again, sort of vintage aesthetic but they're all from different genres and eras in a way which is something else that I found super interesting.

It's like BobKat is super influenced by all this classic stuff and decides to incorporate a lot of it into the different songs on the record.

The cool thing is they do it right and can really pull together something that leaves an impact and has Surprises with each new track that you're given.

By the time you get halfway through this EP, you begin to expect the unexpected and this is something that lets the record keep jumping out at you and giving you something refreshing.

The whole thing was really woven together with care, and it would seem that the mastermind behind it all, Bobby Cuff is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist that has no problem releasing and writing music with no walls built around it.

This is a beautiful thing because it just doesn't happen often enough these days.

An excellent release with an old soul to it and an unreal level of musicianship that incorporates elements of numerous genres and a vintage aesthetic that keeps things all in one.

Definitely check this record out and when you do listen to the whole thing from beginning to end.

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