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An Edgy Album Release from Justin John Scheck

A new release from John Justin Scheck brings together a series of textures and edgy soundscapes that broadcast a sort of grueling honesty at times, but this is something that comes across as refreshing and relatable along with hard-hitting tones that rain from an almost industrial soundscape to an electronic and dance feel at times as well and it all men's together to create an atmosphere that you become addicted to throughout listening to the record.

The Sparrow's Morning War Cry consists of nine tracks that have been remixed and it all breeds certain levels of haunt, cinematic backbone, and personality that come through at different times throughout the release, and by the time you get halfway through the record you begin to expect the unexpected which I find to be a refreshing quality.

There are definitely a lot of soulful surprises, and you pick up on the fact that these are all coming from real places, and this is his way of almost cathartically getting things off of his chest.

This is one of my favorite aspects about the truck because it just exudes this honesty, and this gives that personality that much more thickness and authenticity as well.

This album takes all kinds of different grittier tones and puts them together so that you have a combination of natural and digital instruments that each complement each other along with vocals that give off an impactful tone and approach so that you're paying attention to what's being said while getting hit with the music that surrounds that.

You even get hard rock and grunge in the mix, alternative pop, EDM, and so much more that's all done so that each track bears a different tonality and a different approach in a way.

I relate this to the artist as a person and with each track feeling a little different from the last, he may have felt a little different when recording each one of them.

This is something that gives you some insight as to how his music is a heavy-handed outlet for him and this is also something that speaks volumes for Justin as an artist and being able to let things out.

One of the things that draws me into this record is how it is put together, built, composed, orchestrated, and released with much fewer boundaries than what you might be used to, but I also think that's what music is all about.

It is an art form and is not to be conformed to social norms in my opinion.

When I listen to albums like this one it's a relief and almost rejuvenating for me because you have something that is just genuine.

It's funny too because you can actually relate to some of the stuff that's being sung on the record and in turn, you can also relate to some of the aggressive soundscapes that it boasts as well.

This was an awesome release with a lot more than meets the eye so listen to the whole thing through if you want to get the full spectrum of what it has to offer.

Remember where you heard it first.

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