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An Absolute Blast From Talk Chalk

A brand-new Halloween release from Talk Chalk delivers an uproarious soiree of surf pop soundscape blended with a fresh and vibrant funk undertone that comes together with character-riddled vocals to become a song that's basically impossible not to dance to.

"Disco Queen (Please Don't Kill Me)" features a plethora of synth and ketones that are colorful and the whole thing has this element of edginess that's always there balancing out that color the entire time which makes the song very unique in the sense that it has a classic disco drive, but it's got something else to it that gives it more attitude.

The Disco part of it comes from that four on the floor drumming that's done outstandingly on this track and the entire band holds to this massive persona that at times feels animated but in the best ways possible.

You can definitely tell that this was made by a group of people that have a pure love for their craft and it was definitely a damn good time creating it because that energy comes through on the recording itself.

As a matter of fact, it almost feels like this track was actually recorded live on the floor because of that energy.

It seems almost like the players were feeding off of each other the entire time and whether that's true or not, it definitely makes you want to go see them live because if that kind of energy is captured on recording like this then seeing them love in your face must be really awesome.

The edginess comes from those vocals and also some of the way the music is performed, but the vocalist really has this particular way of painting a picture and telling a story.

It's really cool that there are actually some layers to be peeled back in terms of this song but the other thing I really love about it is that it's not cookie-cutter whatsoever.

It just feels good to listen to.

A lot of this track has a staple feel to it, but a lot of this track also has a little bit of an outside-the-box approach giving it that slight looseness and making the whole thing more fun which I think is the entire point of this song.

This is a fun song that has a certain quirk to it released on Halloween so that you can have fun because this is a night of fun.

Definitely something you can add to your Halloween playlist, this single is insanely danceable, charming, and addictive, and the louder you turn it up, the better it gets.

Another great factor of this song is the way that the lyrics actually pull you in as well and you find yourself paying attention to that throughout all this sort of soiree of music.

At any rate, it's rare that you going to find a song that's got as much character packed into it as this one does and with such a bright and energetic delivery with all the right balance of edginess and color in one shot.

So, dive into this one and turn it up because remember, tonight is a night for fun.

Talk Chalk knows it and so should you.

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