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Adam Leaver Brings Out Endless Classic Rock Grooves With Vanilla and Cyanide

A fresh release from Adam Leaver brings together a totally refreshing blues rock feel with an acoustic roots style that all gets built arounds the artists natural swagger which just might be the most infectious part about it all.

The Vanilla and Cyanide album is packed with some killer gutiar work that come through in layers and performed with a great love for the instrument and like the rest of the music, is oozing with a certain attitude and soul.

This record has some depth to it and it's quite easy to get caught up in the many grooves it gives out.

The album has tons of character and its super fun to just dive into it all.

There is so much jamming that it almost feels like a live performance being played right in your face.

The liveliness and vibrancy of these songs is addicting, and the record is certainly not without some deep heavier riffs that give off a hard rock vibe before flowing into that natural funk the band feeds off of.

There is really some intense guitar work all over this record and it is surely a driving force behind the creation of it all.

These all make you want to get up and dance. They have this comforting classic rock tonality to them that makes you want more, and it has to do with the songwriting and the way the songs are performed.

These guys have some tight knit sounds that just all fall right into the pocket nicely.

This was one hell of a record and from start to finish, it never loses its gusto or its clever styles and approaches to the songwriting or performances.

Take a dive into this one when you can! You'll be glad you did!





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