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A Wonderfully Performed Album From Bobby Ray

New release from Bobby Ray brings out a very personal set of songs that are both warming and truthful as they give off these wonderful perspectives of storytelling that somehow make you feel closer to the artist the more you listen.

The It's Not the Years It's The Mileage album definitely has a way of expression that feels like watching scenes of a film or reading chapters of a book as they get into certain levels of detail and have such wondrous emotional drive.

This album boasts some great songwriting that has touches of Southern Soul to it but also keeps to this folk-rock undertone and as you listen through the songs you begin to become attached to the record.

Some of these have such classic and genuine aesthetic that it feels like you've been listening to them for years on the radio and the way that he just kind of lets it all out with his music is a little invigorating.

This album has such a welcoming undertone to it and the songs have this touching and familiar approach that almost makes you feel like you're listening to songs that were parts of chapters from your own life and that's the part that really takes you back.

The guitar work on this record is awesome and you get a good range of tonality with those guitars from Electric to acoustic and just the way that they were recorded.

Everything about this has heart and soul and I think that's really the key factor in the whole thing. You get to hear these stories, but you can tell they're from real life experience and emotion because of the way that they're performed.

That kind of thing is what you don't get often when you're listening to records and it's absolutely refreshing to have an album like this one kind of hit you the right way because when it's done you feel like you really needed that.

Something that kind of takes you out of your own shoes and puts it in someone else's for an extended of time can put you in your place and I think that that's important.

Those guitars really have the ability to twang and bend and the way that he mixes the electric and the acoustic instrumentation is really well done as is his ability to sing and tell these stories like you're a friend.

When this album's done you kind of feel like you stepped out of a movie theater and have to acclimate to your surroundings again which I think is important with a full album like this.

It's really an outstanding thing to have a record take you to a different place and show you things as they tell you stories and you come out of it like you lived a different life for a little while.

This was beautifully woven album and Bobby Ray has obviously been doing this for years which clearly shows in a musicianship.

We can't wait to hear more from this artist.

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