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A Vivid New Single Release From Zookino

A new release from Zookino brings out an ever-growing and refreshingly edgy alternative rock tonality that shines with character and just the right attitude along with scattered and swelling guitars and thick woven bass lines that give everything its own atmosphere.

"Survive" hits with a certain amount of heart and soul but does it with the feel a late 90s underground rock soundscape that really hits that nostalgic sweet spot for some of us.

The track is able to paint some vivid pictures and the song itself has sways and swells that make it feel like it's alive and breathing which is a really cool aspect to the artist's songwriting style.

what's more is you get such an amazing presence from this track that you can really tell a little bit more about who she is just from listening to it.

You can tell that Zookino has an absolute love for her craft because that's clearly evident with every note played.

This song has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to and honestly, it feels good.

It's a little bit of a musical journey in a way and a form of alternative escapism that a lot of us look for because we kind of miss that about music in general these days.

Everything is so straightforward and, in your face, and there's no mystery or flow but with this track you get all of that plus something that pulls you in and makes you want to find out more about her.

That plays on the production gets a bit more experimental as well which is really cool because her vocals become something that end up floating around the ether of the track and it creates an ambient undertone in a way and the song becomes vast.

"Survive" is the latest in a string of singles released since 2021 from the artist and each one has something a little bit different to offer. But there is a glue that holds them all together as if they could all be from the same album.

Like I said before, the biggest thing about this song is that it boasts so much character and you get a feel for what the artist might be like in a live performance setting which is something that I would want to see after hearing this song.

This is a perfect example of a young artist that's got some great experience and has begun paving her way in the alternative rock arena and is doing it her way, not someone else's.

She's letting her influences come through and shine and I think we need a lot more of that in today's music.

Take a deep dive into this one. You won't regret it.

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