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A Vast Rock Single From World We Know

A new release from World We Know hits a massive alternative rock tonality that touches on anthemic metal and breeds an atmosphere that surrounds you and pulls you into a different world altogether.

"Broken" it's filled to the brim with an intensity that you can't turn away from as the song grows and builds the longer it plays on.

This track gives you a sense of empowerment in a way because it makes you feel like you can overcome whatever you have coming at you and maybe that's part of the point of the song.

Either way, you find yourself wanting to sing along at the top of your lungs with your fists in the air.

There's something very emotionally driven about this track and with the gigantic guitar tones mixed in with ambient synths that fill the ether of the track everything lets you get washed away with the soundscape.

The track starts off with that same ambient feel and becomes something that has a way of wrapping itself around you and pushes that envelope to let you feel what it has to give.

The track also has a ton of heart and relatability to it that shows the entire band's absolute love for their craft.

This is one of the most important aspects of this song. You can feel how the energy of each player is feeding off of one another and that helps the song gain its drive the way it does.

You also have such a cool set of riffs and the way that the song balances that line between this softness and passionate performance and such an edgy and heavy metal approach is really perfected.

You definitely get a strong sense that this track came from someplace genuine and real because that emotion is all right there in your face.

In a way, this is almost like a power ballad to an extent. It's not a full-on ballad the entire way through but it does have that Arrangement and that approach to it so you get that intensity.

I also personally really love the mix of old and new school styles that the song encompasses and that this band likely encompasses.

The song was incredibly satiating, and you get this little touch of escapism with it as well like you're experiencing someone else's life for a moment before you step back into your own.

This is also super cool because I think that certain kinds of music should be so bombastic in a way, that you have to shake it off before you go on with your day.

This is definitely one of those songs that stick with you for hours or even days after the song has ended and the only way to actually satiate that is to listen to it again.

That's smart songwriting if I ever heard it.

This was enormous and had a great way of combining a sense of struggle and overpowering with heavy and melodic fire.

Definitely dive into this one when you can.

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