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A Vast Rock Single From Face Monday

A new single release from Face Monday brings out an epic and vast rock ballad of sorts that comes through with mass amounts of soul and a story to be soaked in while the song delivers elements of classic rock influences strewn into an updated feel without losing that aesthetic.

"Perfect Storm" rolls out a very particular atmosphere that's portrayed with this progressive undertone and as it happens you start to get pulled in more and more.

The guitar progressions and even tonality all have a way of wrapping themselves around you and keeping you right where they want to while vocals are performed with that genuine soul and passion that makes things feel like they were built from an emotional platform to begin with.

There's something massive about this track and you can clearly hear a love for the craft from beginning to end from every player in this band.

What's more, is that at times the energy on the track feels like this was recorded live on the floor because it's as if each player was feeding off of each other's energies the entire time which gives this thing a much more impactful playthrough.

It's very cinematic in its own right and that's something that comes from both lyrics and music together but it has such a way of letting you get washed away with everything that it's undeniable.

You also get this great hint of aggression that lurks just beneath the surface how long with those touches of sadness as well and this is what I mean by having a song that's built off that emotional platform.

There's a power behind that that drives the song to feel like it's a living breathing thing and if that's hard to do especially on record.

It's a parent that this track comes from someplace real and genuine and there is more than enough heart bleeding through all over this track to know that this song came to fruition for a reason.

The bass tone is awesome as well and the drumming is that key factor that really helps move the song forward in a way that isn't just your standard cookie-cutter approach.

So you get the best of a few worlds with the single and even if you like alternative rock or a sort of '90s underground rock style, real deal classic rock and so much more, you will definitely fall right for this track.

There was a lot of outstanding attention to detail shroom throughout the making of the single and Face Monday has most certainly made me a fan just from this one track.

Dive into this one when you get a chance it's more than worth your time.

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