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A Vast and Honest Record from Jamie Murray

An album release from Jamie Murray gives off a flurry of rock undertone with a lot of personally touched lyrics and a vast approach that gives the whole thing a sort of atmosphere and honesty that you end up latching on to and in the end, you're able to keep soaking in more of that character throughout the record.

The Myriads Around the Moon album has a lot of focus on the guitar work and the reason for that is because it's incredible.

This release is built off lush acoustic and electric guitar work, winding notes, and guitar parts that float through the ether of certain songs giving them atmosphere and ambiance, and even though certain songs lean on more of a singer-songwriter approach, even those have a certain vastness and cinematic backbone to them that really helps drive the song to a different vibe.

This is one of those albums that you need to listen to from beginning to end not only because it feels like some of these songs connect almost like this is a concept record of sorts, but also because if you only listen to one or two tracks then you're not getting anywhere near the full range of spectrum of what this album actually has to offer.

The record has so much lush instrumentation and vocal performances that feel so personal that you know they come from genuine places, inner thoughts, and some emotional drive, that the whole thing serves almost like an escape and when you listen to it has a way of pulling you away from your surroundings and putting you in a different place altogether.

There are more than a few surprises around the corners of this record which is awesome and some of these tracks have such beautifully effected guitar tones that they keep you sort of floating a few feet above the ground the entire time and give off a little bit of a dreamish undertone.

Songs like that have a beautiful way of growing and intensity they're further you listen to them and this is what gives off all of that character because it's a balance between the vocals and how they're delivered with a passion, but also the music and how it has a way of swimming in the air that surrounds you so that you're fully just engulfed in the entire soundscape of everything.

This is certainly more an experience than an album and it's got a very particular energy to it that has a way of drawing you in and keeping you right where it wants to.

There are some tracks with heavier soundscapes and guitar tones, and like I said more than a few surprises here but all in all, this is an incredibly solid record that was woven with a lot of attention to detail but even with all of that, it never loses the heart or character that it started within the first place and this may be the most important aspect of the entire thing.

You can certainly tell this came from an artist who puts a lot into his music and has a pure love for his craft and when I say that I don't just mean playing the guitar or singing, I mean writing full-fledged songs that have a way of impacting someone when they listen to it.

This was almost like reading a diary and each of the songs has a strange way of serving as a chapter in Jamie's life.

There are a lot of layers to be peeled back throughout this record and I suggest you listen to this whole thing with headphones on so you could soak it in properly.

And outstanding record with heart, honesty, and character.

You can't really ask for anything else from most forms of art.

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