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A Vast And Cinematic Single From Prismia

A fresh new single release from Prismia delivers a soft and unique dreamlike atmosphere that is built from emotional drive and as the song plays on it builds an intensity and becomes more and more cinematic until it finally explodes into an alternative rock banger of sorts.

"Drifting" is endlessly unique and has such an orchestral and thriving approach that there are such gigantic surprises around those corners so when they happen you get taken back.

One of my favorite things about this track in general is the fact that the whole first half of the song or more even, gives you this floating atmosphere that you can just swim through and even that aspect is bountiful and full-bodied in its own right.

You begin to get a sense of the character in the song and how she's vulnerable and wearing her heart on her sleeves and as she explains herself more and more, the song begins to grow sharp edges and become more invasive until finally that rock section kicks in.

So, the entire arrangement of the song is quite genius because it's like a slow burn until that final act when everything bursts open and that's all supposed to be emotion.

I absolutely love how much this song lets you escape out of your own reality and jump into this one for a little bit because I think that this level of escapism is what's missing from a lot of kinds of music these days.

Having said that, this is an orchestrated piece that is meant to pull you in and keep you right where it wants to so that you become engulfed in its soundscape and just blown away at the climax.

This job is done damn well, and you just get the feeling that everyone involved really had a particular idea for how this would be.

Prismia joined Forces with Dylan Walsh for this release, and it was obviously a match made in heaven because this was a heavily intense single that throws you off and by the time it's over you have to snap yourself back into your reality.

It's very rare you get songs like that these days so to finally hear one that does that for you is incredible.

This came through vast and with a very perfectly balanced energy level that allows you to take a ride with the song itself much like watching a film or reading a good book.

A lot of this was very gracefully done and performed and there's a lot of heart that went into this release.

I also just love that all this is crammed into less than 3 minutes of time because it feels much bigger than that.

A gorgeous rock single.

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