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A Vast and Beautifully Woven EP from Lock & Liam

A new EP release from Lock & Liam touches on an array of contemporary and Indie pop Styles which include acoustic guitar tracks along with well-produced and vast undertone feeling songs that all come together almost like a concept record.

The How It Feels To Be EP definitely shows honesty in terms of lyrics which gives the feeling that everything came from a genuine and real place and the songs feel like they almost represent different chapters of someone's life which makes everything all the more engulfing.

This record has more than a few layers to be peeled back in more than a few surprises around the corners and you can tell that it was built and created by musicians who have a pure love for their craft, especially in the studio setting.

The EP comes across vast and has the ability to blend textures into emotion so that everything creates an atmosphere that you don't really want to leave.

These are the kinds of songs that you both pay attention to lyrically but also can find yourself getting washed away with sonically which is quite a beautiful combination.

Definitely some experimental approaches when it comes to the production but that's part of what makes it so genuine and so full of character.

Each song in itself, has its own persona and you're able to fall right into it each time.

The songs have a strange way of interconnecting with each other, but they definitely do which is why I was thinking it's possibly a sort of concept record in its own right.

The EP is four songs but by the time you get to the second one you kind of understand that you don't really know what to expect so you just expect the unexpected in the end which is really fun.

By the end of the record, you get this dreamy feeling and you're able to soak that in with open arms which feels really good and the whole thing has the strangely nostalgic feeling that it gave me for some reason.

The soundscapes of these songs somehow reach back to my youth without me being able to pinpoint exactly how which I find incredibly intriguing.

This record feels like floating face up in a lake at night staring at the stars in the night sky and thinking about your own life and the people that are and were in it.

weirdly existential I know, but the record just gave me that feeling, and I absolutely loved it because I think that's what this kind of music is about.

Being able to feel something from it. Music that makes you think about life.

It's very beautiful and the entire EP was incredibly well woven with a lot of attention to detail but also without losing that heart and soul that these songs were obviously born from in the first place.

We need a lot more of this in music these days no matter what the genre.

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