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A New Single Release from Burn The Jukebox

A fresh single premiere from Burn the Jukebox hits an alternative pop-rock soundscape and comes through as an absolute soiree with as much color as there is edginess and a chorus that ends up swimming around in your brain for days.

"Not Me Being Crazy" has all the elements of a pure rock radio single and it comes along with this youthful energy and approach that ends up being both impactful and memorable at the same time.

One of the things I love about this track is the percussion, the drumming is really a key element to the forward flow and movement of the song and the drummer did a spectacular job of giving the song this added life. Because of this, the song has this feeling of being alive and breathing in a way.

This track has a great bop to it that ends up making you want to dance around the living room and sing along with your fists in the air because it does have this almost anthemic undertone to it that becomes quickly infectious, and the song was written in a very smart way in the sense that that chorus hits enough times for you to never forget it.

This is really well done and was brilliantly arranged in terms of that memorability and that infectious groove that just doesn't leave.

After a short while you begin to relate to the lyrics of the songs which is also quite refreshing but all in all what's most impactful about this song is that it's got that heart to it, and it is built off of character from something real.

This definitely comes from actual inner thoughts or life experience, and you can tell that from listening to the song.

This is something I've kind of missed in a lot of different music no matter what the genre may be.

The guitar tones and overall feel of the track is spot on, and it does have such a great hard-hitting element to it but also that bright energy and sort of pop-rock soundscape that is combined with that more alternative side to create an atmosphere that you get sucked into quickly.

There is also really fun stuff done in terms of the production and you can tell that this band had a lot of exuding creativity when it came to tracking this song.

There's definitely a lot of attention to detail going on while creating this one which is clear, but it never loses that actual heart that it was built from in the first place.

The purpose and message, story and all, is intact the entire time and so you get that loud and clear.

No matter what the song may be about exactly to the lead singer, we all have a way of taking those lyrics and relating to them in our own way and adding them into our own life accounts so that's kind of the beauty of a song like this.

This track showcases a youth in performers, songwriters, artists, and bands that are paving their own path in the world of music These days and it's refreshing to hear something that takes elements of classic pop rock and alternative styles and gives it their own spin while keeping it personal and genuine.

This is exactly what we need in the world of alternative rock right now.

I love hearing hard rock music that has a sense of gracefulness to it and these guys pulled it off without a hitch.

Definitely check this one out when you get a chance and turn it up.

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