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A Single and Video Release from Jake Anthony

A new single release from Jake Anthony comes through as a classic and driving pop song that hints towards vintage songwriting of the 60s or 70s and not just musically either.

"Yesterday I Crashed My Car" is something of a love song with lyrics that get detailed enough for you to picture the things he's saying in your head and as the song plays through, it becomes more and more relatable for a lot of us.

The track is built on crisp and almost twangy guitar tones and these old school pop melodies that have a way of bouncing around in your head.

One of the great things about this single is that it does have these hidden dark undertones to them that you really have to pay attention to in order to pick up, but there's certainly there.

Perhaps this was something cathartic for Jake to put out.

Either way the message gets across and it does so in a way that gives you a song that you can really dance to and also feels colorful along with those hints of edginess.

What's also great is the music video that accompanies the single itself because it gives a much more specific view of what the song was for the artist and it's one of the best ways to hear the song for the first time.

This is obviously not Jake's first rodeo seeing that the song has a genuine pop arrangement and a particular way of grabbing at you keeping you right where it wants to.

We took the liberty of including the video here so you can check it out and if you have a few minutes, definitely do so because it's a song worth hearing, and a video worth watching.

Check this out when you can and hopefully, we can expect more coming from Jake Anthony this year.

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