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A Rock Soiree from Dom Bodo

A new single release from Dom Bodo gives off a sonically driving soundscape while it hints towards classic rock with a vintage feeling guitar riff but boasts a massive edginess and fuzz tonality that lets the song push the envelope along with vocals that come through animated and fun giving the track a particular character that you end up latching on to.

"Apologized" is a bright and even danceable pop-rock banger that hits a lot of sweet spots for the genre but also delivers an electric energy that feels almost like a live performance in its own way.

I absolutely love this blend of color and edginess coming together to create something that's got its own atmosphere and that you end up humming in your head hours or even days after the song has ended.

This is exactly what happened to me and the only way I found to satiate that was to listen to the song again.

The garage rock undertone is heavy-handed and comes with bendy and fierce guitar sections that let the song feel alive and breathing in its own way.

It's gritty, fun, charismatic, shows loads of personality, and it's hard right where it needs to.

You're getting an explosive, fists in the air rock soiree with this track and it speaks volumes for the artist which is something else I need to touch base on.

As far as I can tell Dom is a solo artist. Now I'm not sure if that means he plays multiple instruments or if he plays everything but either way, I know that he is the composer and writer of these tracks which is in itself impressive because being able to bring songs like this from a vision to fruition is something that isn't easy to do so, if Dom himself is actually performing these instruments, recording the stuff, and putting it out there all himself, that I'm absolutely blown away.

I'm listening to this track I couldn't help but take a little bit of a deep dive through his back catalog, and I'm happy I did because I found a handful of really cool singles and each one of them showed a different side of how he writes his songs along with a little bit of a different side of his personality.

Throughout these songs you have everything from a vast progressive and distant rock to indie pop and of course pop rock as well.

Throughout everything, there is this youthful drive that gives everything life and lets the songs feel authentic and with that, lets the character and personality shine through.

"Apologized" is in a league of its own and does indeed showcase the artist's ability to write a song that feels like you're watching a live performance of a four-piece rock band right in your face.

Vocals have a fuzz tone sort of distortion on them a lot of the time which adds to that animated approach and loose feel that helps breed a heavy-handed garage rock soundscape.

This was like a sucker punch to the gut and the best way is possible and the louder you listen to it somehow, the better it sounds.

But don't just take it from me, have a listen to this track and then check out some of his previous releases as well.

Remember where you heard it first.

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