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A refreshing pop record from The Spring Verdict

The Spring Verdict has released an album that flows smoothly though a gambit of pop undertoned genres from singer songwriter to indie-pop and more in between, the record boasts some gorgeous and cinematic singles throughout its course.

The Echolocation album features songs that feel like clean pop-punk influenced songs that carry impactful tonality and sounds and eventually rock out proper.

The songs can also hit that crisp indie-pop soundscape as well and it all has a flourishing and lush array of textures and sounds that come together to really form a pretty unique but familiar set of tracks.

The songs that have more of an indie-pop sound are amazing too though as they break out some outstanding production and use of different synths to build robust but shimmering singles that seem to be able to sort of let you get washed away with the sound half the time.

It is quite refreshing to hear a record with such diversity but still have this glue that keeps it all together nicely.

It's also nice to hear an artist that clearly has a pure love for his craft put so much attention to detail into the intricacies of the songs to make them pop the way they do.

This is certainly a great record for anyone with a soft spot for contemporary, synth, or even dream pop along with alt-rock and pop-punk.

Yes, it's that fun.

But don't just take our words for it, have a listen for yourself.

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