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A Post-Punk Single From Marc Schuster

The latest new single from Marc Schuster hits this cinematic post-punk sweet spot and creates a vibe that touches on those almost nostalgic attributes, so you end up feeling like either you've heard this somewhere before, or it just sits perfectly with you especially if you're a fan of the genre or of a certain age.

The track is dubbed "I Don't Bleed" and it works on so many levels because he's got this chorus that is brought back enough times to really let it stick with you and it's combined with these great sort of twangy guitar tones that give it the feel of watching an old western film.

It's such a great combination of textures and sounds and I think that that's what makes this not only unique but attention-grabbing.

You can clearly tell that this is someone who's had his hands in the pot of creating music in different facets for years simply from listening to the song itself.

There are a lot of these details to the track that have been mixed in certain ways that they're able to bring out a certain level of intensity in all the right spots.

One of the things I love about this is the sort of persona that it delivers and how the percussion and drumming are wonderfully hard-hitting but still keep to this mellow vibe so that the song has a subtle flow to it but also these hints of edginess as well.

There are definitely a few things about this that give it a gothic undertone in a way as well and that's purposely done.

There's also this sort of vastness or ambient feel that flows throughout the song giving it a wide range ether and that also has a certain feeling to it that I really enjoyed.

And this is what I mean by cinematic. There are all these musical elements that are brought together to build something that has a certain feel to it, and it makes the song sound alive and breathing at times.

It's got that forward-moving flow and that is really sort of smooth while remaining dark-edged at the same time.

I feel like Marc is someone who is in his zone or sweet spot if you will, in the studio being able to record these songs as close to the way they were in his head.

I feel like bringing these songs to fruition is somewhat cathartic for him as an artist and that feeling comes from listening to the music.

There's also this sort of gracefulness to the performance both vocally and musically that helps let the song almost engulf you in the best ways possible of course.

In a way, listening to the song was almost like watching a short film or something.

I actually listen to it a few times so that I can soak in all the different elements of it.

It certainly does have that post-punk feel and attitude most of the time but there are also other little layers there and in a way the song sounded almost freeing and welcoming.

And when I say that I mean it felt like he was welcoming you into this world with open arms.

I like this about the song very much and I think that in music we need a little bit more of that feeling when we listen to something.

This was very well woven and built from beginning to end and you will definitely enjoy swimming through this one.

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