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A Pop-Coated Rock Single from Spectra

A brand-new single release from Spectra delivers a unique brand of honesty but also a robust character in the form of a pop-coated rock soundscape that has a sense of freedom in its undertone depend through that sort of powerful sentiment, the song becomes very infectious, and you end up getting attached to the character behind it all.

One of the things I really love about "Home" is that personality that shines through and also how it starts more subtle and then explodes into this bigger harder rock feel so the song does end up having quite an edginess to it but it only gives it more of that power and makes it feel even more expansive.

You can tell this track came from someplace real and Spectra was giving a little piece of herself during it, and this is probably something that's a staple part of her artistry but with this song in particular you do pay attention to the lyrics and what she's saying and it is very relatable to a lot of people.

I absolutely adore the sound of how the textures layer on top of each other because you have these edgy and heavier rock guitars giving an alternative vibe and the vocals have a little bit more of a smooth or soulful kind of approach even though she is belting on some of it and, the way that she adds backing vocals to some of the lines really at depth to the passion element.

The song was definitely a passion project, and you can tell someone that the right songs to get them off of her chest because when you listen to it you feel like it might have even been a little bit cathartic for her to write and release but again, for the listener it can be relatable and understandable.

One of the other things that reach out and grab you is the energy across this song because the way it starts, in the beginning, has more of a mellow feel and it actually calls back to a slightly vintage almost 80s pop approach and so, in the beginning, you get these little hints of nostalgia and then when it starts to rock out it feels much different almost like a 90s alternative pop rock style.

In the end, you end up getting something that is packed with character, heart, charisma, electric energy, and a lot of hooks including that huge chorus that ends up sticking in your head for hours after the song is ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to it again which in my opinion could be just smart songwriting, however, I feel like Spectra just does this naturally in the way she writes.

It's always fun to have a song that has a little bit of a deeper meaning and authenticity to it like this one does but also rocks out and still remains super colorful, vivacious, and catchy.

This single in my opinion, speaks volumes for Spectra as an artist but having said that, upon listening to this track I went ahead and took a little bit of a deep dive into her back catalog on Spotify and was pretty blown away at some of the releases that she's given before this one.

There is a wide range that she covers, and a lot of these songs do indeed come from someplace real so I would suggest that you check out some of her previous stuff including her 2019 EP called Criminal which is outstanding.

Spectra is an artist that I'm going to be keeping an eye on from here on out and certainly hope that there's going to be more coming from her soon.

Perhaps you should do the same, but either way, start by listening to this single.

Don't be afraid to turn it up.

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