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A No Holds Barred Country Rock Banger from Aaron Stapler

A new single release from Aaron Stapler boasts an attitude-riddled country tonality that bears just the right amount of edginess for you to completely appreciate exactly where he's coming from and it's that character that you end up really getting attached to throughout this track.

"You're Probably Right" certainly has a lot to say and when you listen to the song, lyrically it's completely relatable for plenty of us which is part of the reason that the track is addicting.

He literally says things that you think or have thought in your head and just lets it all loose on this song but I think that's part of how he does his thing and that in itself gives the track an honest punch that I've missed in a lot of kinds of music for quite some time.

I mean, the track starts off with "I can go fuck myself, I can go straight to hell" the first two lines and continues from there so right off the bat you fully understand that this is a track that's not only catchy, fun, and vivacious, but it's got that straight up, in your face approach and that's something that's needed especially in this genre of music.

One of the things I love about this track is how it has all that great attitude and happiness but it also bursts into these amazing and lush rock choruses that still keep to that southern twang but hit hard so the music of the track goes right along with the vocal attitude and style.

This song was like a breath of fresh air and again, it's mainly because it hits with all the right elements balancing together and saying what you've always wanted to say.

But, that's the point of making music, isn't it? To be able to get things off your chest in the way that you know how.

Aaron Stapler is a picture-perfect example of exactly that.

Now, having said all that, the track has outstanding guitar work and comes through with these bursts of melodic hooks that end up bouncing around in your head for hours after the song has ended.

Aaron is just standing up for the way he's living and not dealing with anyone's crap and that is something that a lot of us can look up to.

By the time you get to the last chunk of the song, everything is just sonically driving and massive.

The song becomes anthemic and you find yourself singing right along with that chorus by the last time around with your fists in the air.

Upon listening to this track I took a little bit of a deep dive into Aaron's back catalog on Spotify and I'm glad that I did because there's a load of singles that have been released that also have a little bit of a different side of how he writes his music along with different sides of his personality but the most fun aspect about this is to sort of follow his evolution as an artist from what he started to this single right here, right now.

Aaron Stapler is most certainly the kind of artist that you want to keep an eye out for especially if you love hard-driving country rock bangers, and if you dig this track then you're going to take a lot of his previous releases as well so I strongly suggest you backtrack through some of those songs also.

Definitely check this out as soon as you can and don't be afraid to turn it up.

Remember where you heard it first.

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