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A New Sound Bending Single From The Elegant Chasers

A quirky and vastly grungy and fuzztone new single from The Elegant Chasers showcases another side of the songwriting from the band as the track reaches this massively hard-hitting sound but with this groove that always sticks underneath it all.

"Car Salesman Smile" is a sort of eerie single that you can actually relate to in a way. We all know that creepy salesman smile. It crawls under your skin.

This one has layers of vocals that overlap and give them a sort of crowd effect as drums just slam and destroy over everything and really give the song a crushing feel.

It's a really unique feel as vocals are full bodied but incredibly melodic and the attitude is pure grunge.

You can hear that classic grunge influence with these songs and The Elegant Chasers take that influence and blend it with others to create something a bit fresh.

The single can feel hectic at certain points but that's part of the staple sound of this band.

There are multiple textures at once and it all seems to fall int place perfectly even though it still has this sort of scattered effect.

It's really quite something as it's hard to put your finger on but its also one of the things that make this sound so refreshing.

It's like a flurry of sounds coming at you and still it all has this melodic formed chaos to it that makes you want more.

You shake it off and start again and it's better and better each time you do.

This is what we expect from this band.

We expect the unexpected, the whimsical, the lushness, the layers and textures, the massiveness of it all, the energy, and the rush of The Elegant Chasers.

And we got just that.

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