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A New Single Release from The Open Flames

A new single released from The Open Flames delivers a very personal touch that comes with a special breed of honesty and some detail enough to understand and paint pictures in your head for what's going on and all of this comes with a robust sort of character that you end up watching right onto.

"Falling Up 1" is a song that lets pieces of the band come out and takes a little bit of bravery to be able to express the way it's done here. 

I love how this track blends a classic sort of alternative and indie rock soundscape and captures a little bit of that 90s underground rock vibe but brings it into this personal area, so you get the best of a couple of different worlds in terms of how they write their songs and the personality that's given off.

This is a more stripped-down style track that focuses mostly on guitar and vocals but the way everything's performed hits that alternative rock soundscape perfectly because the guitars have a little bit of edginess to them and the way the vocals are done are the sort of intense and so you get a little bit of a cinematic feel with this whole thing as well.

This was a gorgeous song that has the essence of a live performance in a way because when you listen to it you feel like you're sitting in a room watching it happen right in front of you, so the song puts you in the moment so to speak.

I enjoy tracks that pull you away from your surroundings and put you in another place and this track provides exactly that kind of Escape because as soon as it starts you are paying attention to what's going on in the song because if it's genuine emotional drive that it bears.

This had a wonderful progressive undertone and for me, it was a little bit nostalgic because again, the song does touch on those 90s indie rock bands that you can tell influence some of the sounds for The Open Flames.

This was certainly the song that came from life experience and something real and that shines through in the track, so you have a song that bears a little soul and inner thought while delivering that great rock soundscape.

This is a track you can feel something from, and I love songs that make you think and make you feel. I think we need a lot more music like that out in the world right now.

Check this track out when you can and do it with headphones on in my opinion. This way you can soak in all the lyrics and get that one-on-one and very personal approach that it exudes.


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