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A New Single Release From Supah Sayin Hits Hard

A brand new release from Supah Sayin it's a bit of a personal note and flows with an unstoppable internally smooth set of transitions with lyrics that make you think and pay attention and keeps you where it wants you.

"Fear and Loathing (LLKL)" certainly gives some surprises but has a wonderful way of showcasing such a character and presence that the artist has the ability to boast within the track itself.

The way that the words flow into each other seamlessly and how non-stop it all actually is is so alluring that you find yourself restarting the song as soon as it ends just to try and catch more of it.

There's such an attention to detail throughout this entire song not just lyrically but musically as well and the way everything was arranged and built.

You definitely get the sense that this took a while to put together as it actually is quite a massive track.

One of my favorite things about this is this artist's ability to paint visual pictures in your head by storytelling and perspective so quickly and one after another that you end up needing to take a step back to be able to soak it all in.

This is really cool because a lot of times you can have hip hop and rap that's a little bit more simplified than this and I like this more youthful and outspoken approach that's not really done with these intense layers of aggression but more a conscious inner self that's speaking out.

Those are the kinds of things that are intriguing about a track like this and about artists like this.

After you listen to this song you find yourself wanting to search for more from the artist and there's plenty to be heard.

This is a single that certainly stands on its own two legs but being able to go through the back catalog of Supah Sayin is definitely something that you should do because you get more of a feel for the artist himself and how he's able to adapt to different beats and different styles.

All in all there's absolutely nothing to not be impressed about with the single and it's so refreshing to hear a track like this that you want to play on repeat a few times or more just to be able to grasp it in full.

That aspect alone makes this more than worth listening to Plus it's got a great beat and a great attitude along with the artist's personal swagger.

This was a badass single and we can only hope to hear much more from Supah Sayin in the coming months.

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