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A New Single Release from Proverbial Cool Aid

The latest release from Proverbial Cool Aid brings out a personal touch with a classic full and singer-songwriter approach and all with a keen pop sensibility that lays just beneath the surface.

"My Days" gives off such a one-on-one Style and soundscape along with a sort of summer sunset tonality where everything has a certain warmth to it.

This is a relatable song that has little hints of southern kissed folk rock embedded in its bones which gives it that added soul and creates this atmosphere that you become attached to quite quickly.

The release feels like laying out in a field and staring at the clouds type of song where everything is very chill and laid back, but it also lets you think because what he's saying is something that we've all experienced in a way.

I love a song like this that can create a little bit of an escape that you can swim through and then come back to your own reality later on.

Songs that let you get a peek into someone else's life because it comes from someplace genuine are super important to have out there because for the artist it can be very cathartic and for the listener, it could let them feel less alone in their own thoughts.

In that sense, it's very beautiful and the performance follows suit because it's gracefully done and feels like a perfect balance of energy and dynamic throughout the course of the song.

The chorus really does get stuck in your head for quite a while after it's ended and just kind of bounces around in there and one of the best ways to satiate that is to play the song again which to me, is just plain good songwriting.

But you also get that heart that's involved and how you come out of it feeling like you know the artist a little bit better almost like you had a conversation with a friend.

Not too many songs can accomplish that but for Proverbial Cool Aid, it seems to be the natural way of his approach.

This song does have a full body feel as it plays on as well because you get drums, and you get deep bass sound following those root notes along with some great leak guitar that also just has that soulful performance style while keeping things a touch rustic.

We can all feel like we've lost plenty of days to whatever struggles we went through at the time, and I think that songs that focus on things like that because they're so open and honest, are the ones that stick with us the longest.

Proverbial Cool Aid has been releasing songs on Spotify since 2022 and has quite a vast catalog of songs under his belt all of which stand on their own two legs and manage to show a little bit of different sides to the artist's personality and songwriting.

If you dig this single, then I would suggest going back through the catalog so you can pick up on songs that you will also really like.

There are tons of hidden gems in there like "Southwestern" and "We Don't" and many of them are well worth your time and most likely your playlists as well.

So have a dive into this single and get a taste of Proverbial Cool Aid.

You won't soon regret it.

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