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A New Single From London Monroe Grooves Hard

A fresh release from London Monroe shows that the young and talented artist knows how to drive a Groove and this track shines with her youthful presence to the point where you can't turn away.

"Skate" is endlessly fun and if you are able to listen to this song without dancing around your living room or at least shaking your booty in your seat then it's possible there's something wrong with you and maybe you should have that checked out.

This single is packed with color and vibrancy along with such wonderful character, but it also comes with this great classic and vintage undertone to it musically which is really amazing because he gets such a unique feeling by combining those two attributes.

The track has disco and funk-infused in it and at times even makes you think of old-school Michael Jackson tunes.

I think it's outstanding to be able to take such a sort of retro vibe and bring it into such a current style all the while having such a presence as an artist leaving a staple and signature all over it.

This release comes with all the bells and whistles you could possibly want and more.

We're not exactly newcomers when it comes to London Monroe as we've had the pleasure to listen to her previous single and upon hearing this one, I find it so enjoyable to be able to follow a young artist and her path to what she's becoming.

It's perfectly clear she's having an awesome time doing this and that music is just in her blood and in her bones.

Maybe she comes from a musical family, and it's always been a major part of her life and if this is the case it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Either way, it feels like maybe she was born to do this, and you can pick up on that energy throughout the song.

There's just a lot of love there and that love for the music and the feeling it gives you.

She is just bursting with that energy during the entire song and what's more is that when it's over you kind of want to listen to it again right away.

It's got something about it that feels not only classic and almost nostalgic but also feels good to listen to.

The song puts you in a good mood and we need more music that does stuff like that.

And you can move to it, you can groove to it, you can sing along with it, and it's kind of for everybody.

So, clear the dance floor and turn this one up because you'll have a great time.

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