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A New Single from FGA Blends Rock Genres

FGA returns to the scene with a new single that has a unique way of delivering a super driving fuzz tone soundscape and with that comes a sort of electric energy that gives the song a bit of a bounce and the air of live performance in certain ways.

The new single was called "Mirror" and it wastes no time coming right at you with that sonic fuzz which automatically makes the song addictive because although you've heard that kind of sound before the way it's done here gives it a bopping pop approach but still with that punchy edginess at the same time which makes the entire riff incredibly memorable.

When listening to this track you can hear influences of classic rock, alternative rock, indie rock, just decades of rock music being soaked into someone who was able to take those influences and create something that is all his own in a strange sense because it's not exactly reinventing the wheel of course, but it's a refresher and a fun approach at rock music in general because it blends that classic vintage rock vibe with a very updated sort of grungy garage feel.

This was so incredibly fun and the vocals come in with just the right kind of energy and balance to the rest of the song so that it adds a layer of melodies and adds to that bit of drive that the song has but in a different way because that is also what brings in some of the more classic rock and alternative rock approaches.

When the chorus comes in and everything comes together full-fledged, it's just massive sonically and the texture and tone of how that sounds comes crashing in like a wave so you also get those bits of underground 90s alternative feel and this is something that gives someone like myself hints of nostalgia.

All that said, this is fun and catchy, danceable, and has a massive pop coating over everything that makes it sort of open-ended to everybody who likes music that makes them want to jump up and down.

The drumming is 100% perfect and if I haven't mentioned it before, grunge plays a huge part in the influence of this song. That classic '90s grunge that we all know and love, a lot of us grew up with, and sadly, have seen a little of since.

That grunge is pumping through the veins of this single from beginning to end but it's more evident towards the end when those explosive choruses come in and the whole song, even as soon as it starts, packs a killer punch.

This is the kind of song that brings back a little bit of memories. It's got such heart and a genuine approach to the aesthetic because it makes everything so authentic.

As far as we can tell, and we're not completely sure about this, FGA is pretty much a one-man band helmed by Freddie Gibbs who just might play everything that we hear on this track.

We are aware that he does collaborate with other musicians but in this track in particular I think he's playing everything and I believe he records everything as well.

So, hats off to Freddie because he was able to really nail a certain kind of vibe with this track. The mix is also outstanding.

If you are a fan of classic grunge, indie rock, garage Rock, any kind of rock that blends sub-genres like that, then this is 100% for you.

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