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A New Single And Video From MEEK

A recent single release from Meek gives a bit of a fresh spin to a classic genre and it all comes together with this sort of heart that serves as the undertone to the entire track along with a pretty relatable situation for a lot of people.

"TV and Wine" comes through as a vibrant and colorful pop-rock banger and the whole thing is a beckoning back to a certain time period of your youth.

As they say in the track, "We used to go out all the time."

The song hit me a certain way and I think a lot of us feel that urge sometimes to just say screw it and go out and have some fun like we did in the old days.

We grown-ups with kids and families sometimes need to have a little bit of an eye-opener to realize we can have fun with the ones we love in any way we want to, and it doesn't have to be going out and partying like we used to.

This is where it was really relatable for me personally and I think their portrayal of the premise and situation was super well done and packed with not only character but loads of heart.

Not only was this song danceable, fun, a little edgy, and insanely catchy, but it was done with this sense of realness like it came from that feeling that you get when you've just had enough and want to get out and have some fun.

You can hear classic pop punk undertones in there along with those sorts of soulful and intense vocals just belting out and you get the sense that the song itself is that fun.

At any rate, you can tell that this band had an outstanding time creating this track and is made up of seasoned musicians that have probably been doing this since they were teenagers and are just still rocking out.

Well, I say thank goodness for that because this song is the kind of song that sticks with you and the chorus remains floating around in your head for hours and hours after the song has ended.

The only way to satiate that is to play the song again, and to me, that's just smart songwriting but I think these girls just do it naturally.

The energy is spot on, and that persona and character are super strong and laced with that particular brand of love that is just there beneath the surface for you to tap into.

Because of all that, the song is swiftly addictive and infectious along with bringing on something more than just a song and I think that's part of what may be missing from certain kinds of music these days so to hear it here was very refreshing and the song felt good to listen to.

There are songs that you've been listening to through different parts of your life and different chapters of your story and a lot of these songs are ones that scream certain feelings that you had at those times so for me, this track was sort of like that but for right now.

I think that's what it was meant for and if so, it did its job damn well.

I for one really appreciated this track not only for its premise but also because it was such a great and high-energy pop-rock single.

This had all those little hints of edginess here and there that it needed and was incredibly well done.

Also, if I wasn't articulate enough in my description of the feeling that the song is based on, then just watch this music video because it explains even more and also gives the band a great presence visually.

This was an awesome track.

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