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A New Single and a Fresh Interview with Daimond Blacc

The latest release from Diamond Blacc gives off a sensuous and alluring approach but all riddled with a character that you end up getting attached to by the end of the track and this is an attribute that I feel has been missing and different kinds of hip hop music for quite some time so to have it now was quite refreshing or even rejuvenating in a way.

"F.U.C.K." is a purely sexual track and hits with just the right attitude for you to really soak it in but it also has these elements of edginess in its undertone and a vibe that just says, come and get it.

But, that's kind of the whole point of the song. Diamond is coming through as the ultimate sexy treat and that's something he lets loose on so the track hits with a great vibe and color that lets it wrap itself around you.

This track speaks volumes for the artist as the vocals are super tight and it's recording technique but there's also a little bit of looseness involved and everything is very animated in its own way so none of this is taken all too seriously and I think that a little bit of lightheartedness is needed for a track like this.

The beat bumps and production of the whole track are very well done with outstanding sense and keys that all come together and give the music part of it this drive so that diamond can come in and add a layer of sensuality and sexiness to the whole thing which our two things that end up complimenting each other.

What pushes this vibe even more is the accompanying music video for the single which showcases Diamond and his intense persona coming at you, so the visuals make perfect sense for the song and a lot of this was thought out incredibly well.

This was a perfect balance of that allure and sensuality along with a little bit of edginess and hard-hitting tonalities so by the time you get a few seconds into the song you're already in this whole different world and it's Diamond Blacc's world.

This is a track that is meant to seduce and it does a damn good job of it.

With the release of this single and video, we did want to have a sit down with Diamond Blacc to talk about where this track came from and what else may be going on in his world.

Here's what we found out.

Buzz Slayers: Hey and welcome back! It's great to see you have a new single out! Tell us a little bit about F.U.C.K! Where did this track come from and what made you write it?

Hi! Thanks for having me again, it is always such a pleasure. F.U.C.K is a track I actually wrote and recorded a few years ago. I wanted to talk about something fun and exciting that everyone could get down too and I thought....SEX! Sensuality and sexuality are often expressed in music, but I wanted to up the ante and add almost a darker more alluring theme that would draw you in and make you want to move your body. Sex and music are both so powerful so it was an easy fit. I wanted the project to sound and feel personal and bring life to the repressed thoughts we all can feel at times in regards to sexuality. This song was in my vault for a while until I re-recorded and had it remixed last summer by Anton D, an incredible producer out west. I am so pleased with the final result and the growth of the song since its original origins.  

Buzz Slayers: The music video was shot very well! Did this take long to create? Did it come out how you expected?

The video came out incredible and blew even my own expectations. Chop M, the director of the video is so talented and often films movies and shows so the cinematic quality that is exhibited in my videos are a direct reflection of his skillset. A graphic artist named Ole from Germany, added all the graphics and it was truly the chef's kiss to the video. We shot this video in a themed hotel room and it took about 12 hours from start to finish. Thankfully I had my parents to help me make this possible because staging the scenery for this video was one of my largest endeavors. I am so pleased with how everything turned out and if you haven't seen the video, I highly suggest you check it out! 

Buzz Slayers: Are you performing this track and others live? Doing any touring or shows following this release?

I will be performing this track and a few others during my performance for Minifest in Philadelphia on June 28th, at a venue called The Fire. I am so excited and cannot wait to perform. Live stream tickets are available so I will include the link in case anyone is interested in watching! My slot is at 8:30 EST. Hope you check me out! (

Buzz Slayers: Do you record your stuff at a home studio, or do you hit a big spot to lay down tracks?

I record at a studio. I often write a bunch of songs and once I've decided my next few singles, I enjoy going in and knocking out a few songs. I am fortunate to work near a studio, so I am able to go after work. 

Buzz Slayers: Do you produce your own beats as well, or are you collaborating?

I do not produce my own beats...I wish! However, I am so fortunate to know and collaborate with NOYZ (on the beat) , an incredible producer from Greece. Making music has given me such a great opportunity to collaborate with the most talented creatives all around the world.  

Buzz Slayers: What is your absolute favorite aspect about doing what you do?

My favorite thing about doing what I do is that I do EVERYTHING on my own. To take an idea in my head and bring it to life is such a rewarding experience. I am able to create myself, for myself and by myself. I maintain complete autonomy over myself, image, message and music. It is one of the most liberating feelings in the world and I am so grateful to God for the gift of music and how it has elevated my awareness of self to heights I could only dream of. 

Buzz Slayers: Will there be any follow-up tracks released this year?

I always have something up my sleeve. I do have a few more songs I would like to get recorded so I can ultimately choose which project I would like to focus on and show the world. It's a very precious thing for me and I am only willing to put out things that reflect the very best of my artistry, so I have learned to be more patient as things come together.  

Buzz Slayers: You certainly blend influences into your music! Can you name off some of your top influences musically?

Thank you so much! My biggest influences are the events that shape and affect my life. I create from my mind, heart and soul and these human elements are always subject to change. As life ebbs and flows, so does my music and it is through life that I am able to create from my experiences. 

Buzz Slayers: Is there anything you'd want to express to fans of the music before we go?

To each and every person who has supported me in any way or played my music even once, I am so incredibly grateful to you and for you. It is my sincerest hope that we can stay connected and I sincerely wish you all the very best in all of your endeavors! I am rooting for you!

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