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A New Pop-Rock Banger from Grey Star Ghost

A new release from Grey Star Ghost delivers a colorful but also edgy and very honest soundscape that breeds a pop-rock and pop-punk crossover, but all comes through with such a heavy-handed personality that the song becomes super relatable very quickly.

"The Party" has a riff that reminds me of classic rock but with a lot more drive and a heavier tonality sonically which gives it a fun feel.

One of the things I love about this song is the sheer fact that it has such a punchy rock sound, and it comes with this certain brightness to it but lyrically it's very honest and the vocalist is sharing pieces of his inner thoughts in certain situations so if you really listen to the track, it has a certain impact.

You can certainly tell this track was influenced by pop-punk because that element shines through, but I think that this song speaks volumes for the band simply because it's such a memorable track that parts of it bounce around in your brain for hours or even days after it's ended and the only way to satiate that is to go and listen to it again.

You might chalk this up to smart songwriting, but I think that these guys do that naturally.

You can tell that there is a certain authenticity behind the song, and it probably came from a real-life experience so perhaps it was even cathartic for them to write and release the song but for the listener, it's super understandable.

There are parts that talk about not being able to escape your own mind and just being super uncomfortable and the way that it's all laid out feels like they're talking about you.

That's the kind of thing that makes a connection and this is part of why the song becomes so addictive.

And you have pop-rock and pop-punk songs, and some of them connect to some of them don't. This one connects because that personality and that character are just oozing from it along with the catchiness, the danceability, the color, and the fun so you have that element of realness underneath everything and that's what grabs you.

The energy captured here is perfect because you get the feel of a live performance where everyone involved is just feeding off each other's energies the entire time.

Perhaps this one was recorded live on the floor. Even if not, listening to the track makes you want to go see them perform it live in your face simply because if the energy is captured so well on record, then seeing it live would be awesome.

This was a righteous and well-crafted single that showed charisma, vivaciousness, personality, and honesty, and it certainly leaves its mark.

Check this track out as soon as you can and while you're at it don't be afraid to take a little deep dive into the band's back catalog on Spotify because there are a ton of awesome releases there starting from 2019 including an album from 2020 and 2021 which both shine and thrive with presence.

Again, start with "The Party" and work your way backward because that's the most fun way to do it.

Remember where you heard it first.

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