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A New And Sonically Driving Rock Single From The Elegant Chasers

As The Elegant Chasers get ready to drop a full album, the newest release hits now and it's got a killer edginess to it that is accompanied by a great alternative tone and poppy changes.

"Clowns" is an outrageously full-bodied single that features a progressive and sort of cinematic feel and guitar parts that swim around the ether of the track and flows into an explosive sonic wave of sound.

The song has this southern rock touch a t times but sticks to its future rock spaciness and hard-hitting backbone that makes it so powerful in the first place.

The track feels like a sci-fi action film with all this crazy sheen that makes it so energetic.

But that's the Elegant Chasers really. There is always an energy there that's just unbeatable.

That and the production is just awesome. It;s so bright and laced with thick and thin walls of sound that come at you when you least expect it. And when you do expect it, it still takes you by surprise in a way.

Songwriting and vocals are both always so lush with character and fun.

You can tell how much this band loves their craft.

It's all right there in the music really.

So, here's another banger from the Elegant Chasers. The best way to listen to this band at all, is loud!

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