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A New And Passionate Pop Single From Luna Wood

A fresh release from Luna Wood comes through as a vibrant and soulful folk-pop song that fells alive and lets the artist shine with a presence that you get addicted to pretty quickly. I suppose all those hooks help that along a bit.

"West Coast" has this great vibe to it, and you can tell it's all honest and rich with emotionally nostalgia that she misses. This is what good songwriters do. They take those feelings and spin them into great songs.

When you hear them, you get that feeling completely.

This certainly lets her be very truthful and straight forward and that takes guts.

It can also be cathartic for songwriters like Wood.

The song features some awesome retro and cinematic synth sections and a full band feel that has this almost rustic undertone at times and its cool how that fits into all the other aspects of the song.

The track has a lot of impact and at times can feel like it's just for you which is also amazing. The level of how relatable she can be and how her performance gracefully portrays those emotions so well.

The song has that pop tendency as well. It's up swing and feels like a strong groove and I think Wood feeds off of that vibe and puts that into her performance vocally.

This was some killer songwriting and gives her a chance to really shine and show her chops as a songwriter especially.

But most of all, you can connect with it and with her through it all.

It speaks so much for er as an artist and we hope to hear more from Luna Wood in the near future.

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