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A Must-Hear Rock Debut From The Elegant Chasers

Our love for The Elegant Chasers is pretty strong and its mainly because of the kind of singles that have been releasing from the project. The kind of singles that breed a new level of sonic impact and show a massive light at the end of a tunnel with not only inspirational rock music but with a style that continues to defy the norm.

Finally, we can say we've listened to the full album release which is called Sentimental Dust and it's even more than what we initially expected. And that's saying a lot seeing we've heard a number of singles already.

The album is set up like a concept record and doesn't come in blasting off. It takes its time and builds into its blast off. It's got a gracefulness to the rock songwriting, and it feels like a perfect way to get to the impact of it all.

Once it gets there, which, is the second track, it continues to really take you to other worlds musically, lyrically, and with this beautiful experimental production and approach that really makes it as unique as you can get.

This record is alive. It has veins and pulses and beats. It sways and pulls; it explodes into melodic anthemic eruptions and dies back down into soothing calmness and questioning.

The album is full-bodied and comes with a sound that you only hear bits of from others.

Guitars soar into the sky and write words with its sound. With its notes, its bends and its melodies.

You gt a wonderfully catchy sonically driving pop-rock that attacks you and grabs hold tight.

it's absolutely killer and bears many layers to be unfolded and dissected and along the way, you get memorable rock bangers and futuristic landscapes.

But really this is to be heard from start to finish. That's what its built for.

Sit back, grab some headphones, grab your youthful love of rock, and jump into this one.

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