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A Massive Set Of Engulfing Alt-Pop Songs From Jeff Goldsmith

Jeff Goldsmith just dropped a unique and edgy indie-pop record that feels like a cinematic onslaught of haunts and whispers in your ears as songs creep and crawl, explode into sonic waves of sound, and subtleties turn into colorful but brooding bursts.

The album is dubbed May You Find the Light before the Devil Knows He's Right and it's got a massive array of textures that come together to build soundscapes and atmospheres that have an eerie but creamy undertone.

This album is brimming with emotion, passionate performances, and vocals that cry out and reach for you from a dark corner.

The songs are also quite beautiful and the way they are woven is really something as it consists of this tasteful percussion along with synths, pads, guitars, and more.

It all helps create a storyline and takes you for these journeys that you can't help but get engulfed by each time.

This is an alt-pop album for sure and it's got that aggressive approach at times that makes it connectable and relatable.

There isn't much being held back with this release, and it's got this brutal honesty behind it.

This really can wash you away with it. It's got impactful energy and these giant blasts of music that you don't expect.

Actually, after a bit of the album you come to expect the unexpected.

This was a killer release honestly. It has so much going on in terms of its emotions and its drive.

Vocals are performed with a certain gracefulness that makes everything glue together the right way.

It's quite a wonderful feeling when it's all over. You feel like you watched a movie that affected you.

This record makes you think. it makes you feel. And that's what I want from a record like this one.

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