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A Massive EP Release from Heartsick

A new EP release from Heartsick pays tribute to some classic 90s and early 2000 bands that delivered us legendary singles that stuck with us through decades, and they do it with their own edginess and approach but still managed to stay very true to the originals which is not an easy thing to do but, these guys really pull it off without a hitch, and they also do it with a certain character that sticks through the EP as well.

The record is simply called Covered, and you can tell that this is like a love letter to some of the influences and bands they grew up with, possibly having a heavy effect on them becoming musicians themselves because there is heart behind this record.

So, throughout this record you get hard-hitting soundscapes and amazing guitar tones that all come together with an anthemic and powerful approach, and the band displays an almost live performance-like energy that hits super hard, packs a punch, and has this fire behind it that gives it an added drive. 

There is also a vastness and ambience under some of these songs which also adds to this sort of cinematic-rock kind of feel at times.

Among the tracks covered you have some outstanding and ambitious endeavors including "The Hand That Feeds" originally by Nine Inch Nails and "Connection" originally by Elastica.

Just from those two tracks alone you can see that there is an eclectic set of influences and ideas behind this record and each song covered definitely brings with it some heavy surprises around the corners, and you get grindcore and thrashing metal approaches throughout the record which give the songs a totally different shape sometimes.

This was a very unique release that took a set of tracks that meant something to each member, or the band as a whole, and they reinvented them with their own staple sounds but still kept the originals close by and you can tell that there was plenty of attention to detail during the creation of this record but even with that, you can also tell they had a blast doing it and that the record boasts heart and that may be the most important factor of it all.

Along with the covers a new original song called "Tryst" which is a deep grooved and progressive track that changes rhythms and threshes out at free will which comes in these massive bursts before it comes back down to its verses.

This track in particular was very cool because it had the effect of being alive and breathing because of how it swells and sways and when it bursts into those thrashing sections it becomes explosive very quickly and all this energy is thrown right in your face, so I love the balance between the floaty and drifty feeling sections and the ultra-powerful and blisteringly fierce sections.

This whole EP displays such an insane level of musicianship and love for the craft and when I say that I don't just mean playing their instruments or singing, I mean putting songs together to either give to the world or to give back to those that gave to them originally with cover songs.

The biggest thing for me is this unreal energy that they display on the record which just makes you want to see them live because if that kind of energy can be captured on record the way they do it, then seeing them live must be absolutely insane.

Definitely check this record out when you can because you're going to come across at least one or two tracks that you remember well and we'll be blown away by their take and delivery on those, and don't be afraid to turn it nice and loud.

Remember where you heard it first.

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