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A Massive and Surprising Release from The Foes of Fern

The latest album release from The Foes Of Fern delivers an absolute soiree of eclectic songwriting styles, approaches, and at times, character and even personality all packed into a nine-track record that comes brimming with surprises around every corner and electric energy that's completely unstoppable, and an outstanding array of instrumentation that drive everything.

The Rerun album is absolutely thriving from beginning to end and it brings with it such a variety of textures, and dynamic balance along with this vivaciousness in color that give everything the feel of being alive and breathing.

The energy of this record is almost like watching a live show and they've managed to capture that energy so incredibly well on this record that it feels like some of these songs could have been recorded live.

The record starts off with a punchy indie rock track that brings with it a great atmosphere and vastness in its undertone but this sort of driving arena rock tonality.

This is followed by a song that brings elements of ska into the picture with that punk attitude, energy, edge, and undertone along with full horn sections and a jumping chorus.

The track that immediately follows which is called "The Ocean" gives an almost floating and drifting feeling and lush vocal harmonies that make the song bright and addictive.

By the time you get to the fourth track you begin to expect the unexpected and that's part of what this record is all about I think.

Just when you get a handle on what you think the songs are going to sound like they throw a curveball at you and this to me, was insanely fun and that aspect in itself was addictive.

This is the kind of record that you listen to in full from beginning to end because if you only listen to one or two tracks you're getting nowhere near the full range of what this record actually has to offer.

There are songs with a heavier sort of edginess to them, songs with an expansive and almost freeing feeling and tonality, and tracks that feel cinematic and robust as they bear some soul, and a unique display of color.

This was more of an experience than just an album and I can't express enough how listening to the entire thing is necessary in terms of getting the full spectrum of what it has to deliver.

When they want to rock, they rock, and the guitar tones can be fuzzy and indie rock style but other times you have these sort of acoustic classical guitar parts as well mixed in with harmonious vocals and horn sections.

This was truly a unique record and you can tell everyone involved as having an absolute blast and have a pure love for their craft.

Their craft of course is writing songs together that pack in character and personality to deliver out into the world so people can soak them in and feel that energy and color.

This works like a charm because the band themselves are charming and they're able to pull off an incredible genre-bending release without a hitch.

The entire thing is just completely seamless and it blows my mind.

Dive into this record as soon as you can so you can just be soaked into the atmosphere that it gives off and don't be afraid to turn it up.

Remember where you heard it first.

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