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A Lush New Record From August River Band

The latest release from August River Band delivers a very warm and driving sound that comes through lush and atmospheric as much as it does edgy at times but there's always this certain level of heart and Persona that's attached to the songs which is really what not only gains your attention but keeps you there.

The Media album is packed with colorful instrumentation, and it gives it a slightly rustic undertone, but it still rocks out when it needs to which is great.

One of my favorite things about this record is the energy on the performances of each track because it almost feels like the players are feeding off of each other the entire time almost like a live performance.

That whole aspect makes you want to see these guys live because if the energies like that on the record, it's got to be awesome to see them in your face.

The guitar work across the record is excellent and the drumming and percussion is absolutely outstanding and really not just in the pocket but experimental at the same time.

There is this slightly psychedelic element to the record but it's very undertone and sort of lurks beneath the surface of everything.

These guys really jam out and have full little Bridges and sections that let them sort of just let loose for a little bit which gives the songs this alive and breathing feeling.

You can clearly tell everyone in this band has an absolute love for their craft and are in their sweet spot when they're making music because the heart is there throughout every note.

Having said that, there's a lot of attention to detail in the arrangement of the songs and the tightness of how everything is played, and I think that just comes from these guys being seasoned musicians.

This is one of those situations where they may have been in different bands before, then they finally found each other and it's like a musical twin flame type of situation.

Can't be sure about that one of course but it sort of feels like that to me.

These guys were meant to be playing music with each other and there's not only life behind the songs but there's meaning which as well makes everything layered and it's really fun to be able to peel that back while jamming out with them.

This is a record you can definitely dance to, sing along with, and become quickly attached to.

Once this happens, you should take some time to dig into their back catalog a little bit as they have a number of really outstanding releases under their belt including full length albums and singles alike.

A lot of these show slightly different sides of the band's songwriting and approach along with their evolution which is really cool to hear.

This new album has beautiful textures that are used the right way, so everything falls into place so well almost like puzzle pieces and this is what creates that atmosphere that wraps itself around you.

An incredibly well-woven record, definitely dive into Media when you get a chance.

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