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A Killer Album Release From Sixgun Renegades

A banger of an album release from Sixgun Renegades brings out all the sweet spots that you love from classic and hard-hitting Metal with anthemic choruses and wailing guitars along with crew vocals and this metal vastness which becomes so infectious so quickly, that you're immediately happy this is a full-length LP release.

The Fuel for Life album has the ability to make you feel slightly nostalgic at times because they take their influences of classic metal and classic rock and bring them into a new playing field with amazing amounts of character and enough hooks to keep songs bouncing around in your head for days after the album has ended.

The only way to satiate that is to play this record again and to me, that's just smart songwriting.

A lot about this record is hard-hitting and edgy in all the right ways but the record has just as much color as it does edge and that comes with the persona that's delivered.

If I had to say this was one thing, I would say it's arena rock, and the reason I'd say that is because they give you everything that you could possibly ask for from a record of this genre along with the sheer fact that the energy is so driving and balanced that you just want to see these guys rock live.

Now, the guitar work across this record is outstanding and it's done tastefully and not over the top but there are some crazy solos on this one that just shred face and those are placed in with that same balance to keep the songs really on fire the whole time.

Throughout the record, there are more than a handful of singles that stand on their own two legs as bangers, but this album is really best listened to as a whole.

I know what you're thinking, who has the time to listen to a whole album these days?

This is part of the problem with today's society if you ask me in terms of music anyway.

It's such a single-based society because of things like Spotify which I completely understand, however growing up in a time. Where albums were released on vinyl records, cassette tapes, and CDs, it's just weird to see that so many of us don't have the time to crack a full record anymore.

This is part of why I like this record so much aside from its unstoppable drive, it's a full LP and it just gives you what you want the entire time so when it's over you feel like you have to shake it off to get back to your own reality again.

This is called escapism, and this is what music did.

This kind of stuff is like reading a book or watching a good movie. When it's over you have to reacclimate yourself back to your own reality so you can go out with your day.

I miss this about music and I'm incredibly happy to hear it again with Sixgun Renegades.

Although a lot of these tracks feature some crazy guitar work and vocals that are through the roof in terms of that persona and character and just power, the real see and intensity of these songs lie in their choruses.

This band knows how to write a damn solid chorus and they're impactful and almost all of them you want to end up singing along with your fists in the air.

This record was like a sucker punch to the gut and the best ways humanly possible.

If you have the time, crank this one out because if you're into classic metal and hard rock, you will absolutely fall in love with every song on this release.

Remember where you heard it first.

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