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A Gorgeous New Single From Wamala

A new single release from WAMALA brings a wonderfully lush and passionately delivered contemporary pop single to life with gorgeous string sections and a dynamically soulful performance both vocally and on the keys.

"My Whole Life" has such a robust and vast undertone to it and its message is powerful especially when delivered with the accompanying music video which is shot and acted with such a brilliance that the impact of the single comes through even more so than listening to the song by itself.

This is a rarity and does an outstanding job of showcasing the artist's intense presence and ability to create a song that has imaginative value and fantastical elements while still delivering this humane message that a lot of us can relate to.

WAMALA brings with him a clear and warming feeling and the song has this welcoming and understandable tonality to it that lets it wrap itself around you and keep you right where it wants to.

As the song plays on it gets more and more lush and sort of grows in intensity as well much like a film or a good book and I think that's a really important aspect of the track also.

This song is genuine and authentic, it sits right there in your face, but it also serves as an escape from your own reality, and it makes you think about your own future.

There are several layers to be peeled back throughout the course of this track and it's been a while since we had this pure and gorgeously graceful aesthetic and poise in the contemporary pop genre.

There's something about the way this artist performs that gives him a level of class and I really love and respect that about him.

There are these hidden elements of edginess and that comes from part of the emotional drive to the song was built from or displayed anyway.

And this is something that the listener draws from also. That emotional drive is something that you can actually feel in the song itself especially the longer it plays on because like I said that intensity gets bigger and bigger.

By the time the track has ended, you have to snap yourself back into reality again and that's something I miss doing when it comes to music, so it was very refreshing to have it again.

Now, having said all that I'm going to go back to the video because a lot about how this was shot was incredibly well thought out just as much as the song was and the way that he puts himself out there is very unique and lets him be vulnerable.

There is something between the song and the video that is almost existential, and this is a conscious thing so when you hear the song Not only can you relate and connect to it, but you agree.

Some of the lines in this song you just simply agree with because you feel like you've been there. You've heard that advice. You felt that situation. You've had those thoughts.

I think the way that WAMALA is able to articulate all that and spin it into a song is incredible.

This was wonderfully woven and there was a lot of attention to detail but no matter how much of that there was, the song never ever loses that soul.

And that soul is the part of it that gets us the most.

This is definitely a bright young artist with an old soul and we're glad to have heard the single and look forward to more.

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