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A Full-On Christmas Soiree Of An Album From Audio Mirage Studios

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

A new Christmas compilation album just released from Audio Mirage Studios, and it features a number of outstanding artists and their own takes on the holiday.

This is a massive record with 18 tracks so let's just jump right into it.

The first track is from Mark Schuster and gives off a cinematic and almost noire atmosphere with a haunting undertone as the track is more about Krampus coming than Santa Claus. " Krampus Is Coming" features floating guitar and violin sections that drift about in the songs ether and keep to that cinematic tonality the entire time.

I love this track because it's just something completely different.

This is followed up with " Sad Girl Xmas" by Sacred Monsters and it's got a real pop rock vibe with a youthful vibrancy and a colorful approach that you can seriously head bang along with.

"This Little Babe" is the next track and it's performed by Prime Birds which it's a very heavy metal and thrashing feel and it comes through really massive and hard-hitting but with these orchestrated melodic vocals that burst into action in an almost operatic form.

Next up is Brian Lambert with "All I Want for Christmas Is a Brand New Start" which shines with personality and character as it delivers a warming and heartfelt singer-songwriter approach and as it does you can relate to it more and more.

This one was quite beautiful and very memorable.

After that is one by Voodoo Planet called "Casino Christmas" and this one really sticks to a classic rock sort of vibe and feels almost like a live performance along with this almost 1970s aesthetic which I loved.

As the album unfolds more and more you get a lush array of genres and styles, approaches and vibes from pop rock, pop punk, indie rock, garage, singer-songwriter, folk, and so much more in between delivered by some acts that all have their charisma and personality to offer up.

You get some amazing original Christmas songs from each band along with a few classics and it's something that gives a genuine feel to releasing Christmas music.

You have bands and artists like Scoopski, Bottlecap Mountain, Blues Trainer, Billy Lowry, Quizboy, and plenty more filling up this 18-track holiday record and I think it's quite a beautiful thing that you get so much eclectic songwriting on one huge release, and it all is for the sake of Christmas.

This was a perfect example of an absolutely wonderfully collective effort that came through exactly as it should be.

I'm much more of a fan of original Christmas songs than covers of old ones but, I can go either way.

This record was incredibly satiating, and it comes with a lot of fun, humor, and honesty along the way so there's also a range of emotion with the range of artists on this release.

The record is called "Indie Dog Days of Xmas", and you can find it here.

So, Merry Christmas and dive right in.

Remember where you heard it first.

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